Monday, 26 January 2015

Manicure Monday: Nails inc. The Vale

This week I was looking for a dark colour, as my naisl were on the short side. While rummaging in my Polish Mania Box, I rediscovered The Vale. 

The Vale is a dark plummy shade, perfect for Autumn and Winter. Whilst I was taking pictures, I also found it is quite similar to another Nails Inc polish I presented you a few weeks ago, Kensington High Street.

While The Vale is more purple in the bottle than its Nails Inc friend, I find that it's barely visible on the nail. I found this happens a lot with Nails inc polishes, that they do not translate on the nail as in the bottle. It is clearly darker than Kensington High Street though.

The picture has been taken about 3 days after the application. As you can see, I got minimal chipping.

Do you also happen to buy similar colours of polishes or lipsticks, etc?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Best of the Web

After a few months break, Best of the Web is back this week! 

I read a few good posts this last few days, so of course I wanted to share the love with you!

The first post that struck me was Carly's Fake It Til You Make It | Why Bloggers Buy Followers. I was aware of the buying followers thing, notably on Twitter, but then I just don't know why people do it. I have tried to grow my Instagram followers base with shoutouts at first, and then I realise I have those people in my account who never like or comment and I'm just thinking it is useless. But then paying for ghosts followers? Anyway, Carly brings a few good points, so go and read it! BTW: I'm kinda curious to know who are those bloggers who bought followers! If you know the drama, please let me know in PM on Instagram!

Today Claire from PinkChickClaire is sharing her 5 Reasons Why She's Happy to Be Single. As I'm also single, I was curious to see what her points are, and I have to admit I also share a few of them!

My blog is not a big one by any means, even though I'd like it to be bigger. I was particularly eager to read Sinead's Perks of Having a Smaller Blog. It puts things in perspective!

Have you read any good posts this week? If so, please share in the comments!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Saturday's Stuff I Like

After about a year of looking, I finally purchased a Magic Bullet! I wanted the original one, not the Nutri Bullet, or the Baby Bullet but my local Canadian Tire didn't stock it. Until I saw it last Sunday and it was on sale! So I've been trying it to ground coffee and grate cheese so far! It'll also be useful for smoothies, but it's just too cold in the morning to make one!

On Thursday I went to the hairdresser to chop a bit of my hair. Not a new haircut, but just to refresh my layers and you know the drill, the odd split ends I might had. My mum came with me and it was her first proper haircut since her chemo treatments!

On Friday evening I went out to dine with my friend Linda. Since I'm not  working at the moment it's good to go out a few times and see people.

I had a few occurences this week where I knew who was calling without checking the ID. I'm glad my intuition is coming back!

Also I've finally finished Lolita, which was really boring but because it is a classic I felt like I had to read it. Needless to say I don't recommend! And this is coming from someone who studied literature in University!

What's happening in your life?