Saturday, 7 May 2016

My nighttime routine

I don't know about you but I like to know what others are doing for their night routines. It kind of relaxes me!

I work at a hotel/bar where I mainly work in the evenings. This means 2-3 shifts per weeks, depending. So for those nights, I don't really have a routine, as I never know at what time I'm going to finish work. 

But for the other nights, it basically goes as follows:

After dinner, my mum and I will usually have a tea. She has green tea, but as I'm more into variety, I will choose a different one, depending on my mood. I made a video last year about the teas that I liked, check this out! But I like the Pukkas, Yogi and Traditional Medicinals ones. These days I like Hibiscus. Tea is like one of the healthiest habits my mum and I have, and it's like a little thing we have in common. I'll usually ask her: Would you like a tea? She'll rarely say no, so it spurs me to make some for myself as well. I usually do that at work in the evening too, but sometimes if I drink with the clients (yep, I'm a barmaid!) then I think it defeats the purpose. I'll usually have it when it's quiet.

I'll sit in the living room with my parents during most of the evening, either reading or watching YouTube videos. I say reading, but really I cannot properly concentrate because my mum always talks or argue with the TV! Anyway, I try to be there with my parents, as we usually don't see each other during the day. Most of the times I end up showing them cute dogs or cats pictures or videos, as I miss having a pet. We have cats, but they live in the stables with the horse, so I can't cuddle them come nighttime :(

I usually go upstairs to my room at around 10-10:30. I then either light up a candle, but these days I'm feeling esoteric and burn incense with/instead. My favourite incense is Magnolia. I bought it at an Indian store in Camden in London, but those are sold to most place where you can buy esoteric stuff. 

During that time I'm mainly reading, and these days I read self-help book. Well, I usually have a novel and a self-help book on the run at the same time. If I'm at work, I can read if it's quiet, and I will bring the less "laughable" one. It's not that I mind but working with guys you have to be careful, I try to not bring my dating advice books at the bar. I'll never see the end of it if I do! So that's why I have two books running at the same time.

When I'm ready to sleep, I'll usually pop a podcast on or a sleep hypnosis video. The monotone voice help me fall asleep. I have to say I've been doing that for a few years now but yesterday I was hearing the crickets and I thought that now that Spring is here I should just try to fall asleep with nature's sounds. This fits more into my spiritual quest that I'm in.

Do you have nighttime rituals? Do you like routines in the morning and the evening?

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo and Conditioner

I've been on the lookout for a shampoo and conditionner that doesn't leave my hair greasy for the past year. I've tried a few, and the best I came up with was the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, which I think is now discontinued. 

I came across a review of these Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo and conditioner on Annie Jaffrey's favourite videos. Since it contains tea tree oil, I thought it would be good for greasy hair. See, tea tree oil is known to purify hair scalp. It also contains peppermint, menthol and chamomile. Tea tree oil has a scent that can be polarizing. Though I think it can be an acquired taste, as I find myself liking it more as I grow older.

These remind me of a Paul Mitchell system I used when I was young. Contrary to the Paul Mitchell one though, the Giovanni doesn't sting the scalp as much. It does have a tingling sensation, and it stings a little when the product drips on the actual skin, but this is nothing I cannot stand.

It does leave my hair feeling fresh, and it stays fresh for a few days too. I usually wash my hair twice per week, but lately, with other shampoos, I had difficulties to keep it that way. And I don't want to wash it more than that, because I believe that the more you wash your hair,  the more it gets used to it and you then need to wash it more frequently. 

On the design side, I like the way the bottles look, and I enjoy how easy they are to open. The shampoo can be told apart from the conditioner as the leaves on it are green (conditioner's are yellow). That tip could have been a little bit more enhanced, though, as the colours are similar. 

I found Giovanni products at the Superstore (Loblaws) for around 12$.

Have you try these? What is your favourite haircare brand?

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Latest Empties

Even though I haven't posted an updated Empties post in a few months, I still collected my products as usual. Before I have another month's worth of empties, I better now show you what I finished in the past few months!

BBW Purr Fect Potion Gentle Foaming Hand Soap: I love Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand soaps, this one was good for Autumn, as it has Cinnamon Spice in it. It is not too spicy though, as it also contains vanilla. I will keep the container for next Halloween!

La Coupe Moisture Refresh Dry Shampoo: I bought this at Dollarama and didn't really like it. Don't know if this one was a bad batch or what, but it was not dry at all!

Jealous Body Scrub: I loved this scrub, I did a review on it. I might not purchase it though as I think it can easily be DIYed.

Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant: I love the scent of Dove products, but sometimes, they overpower other perfumed products I might wear. This one is the case. It smells fresh, which is great for the underarms, but then that is all I can smell, When I go out, I want to smell like my perfume, and have a more subtle deodorant. I bought this one is a pack of two, but I don't think I'll repurchase this particular Dove deodorant.

L'Occitane Rose Petals Hand Cream: I try to make this one last a while because the scent is limited edition and it's my favourite from L'Occitane yet. I'm sad to let this go, but I still have a few of those handbag sized hand cream, they moisturize, but are not too greasy: they sink in fast.

Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips: I used these quite regularly and they are my favourite pore strips. I have tried the original ones in the past and didn't see any difference but the charcoal ones are magic! Mesmerizing in a gross way.

Cattier Rebalancing Cleansing Gel: I liked this one as I love Cattier products. I bought it in France last year and when I first used it, I had breakouts, which I thought was because of this gel but then I used it again a few months later and I was fine. I guess the breakouts were caused by pollution. I haven't found it here in Canada, not sure if it is available at all, but if I see it I will repurchase. 

Orgnx Leave-In Conditioner: I liked it. I bought it on clearance and I think it is discontinued, but I would repurchase, and it smelled fruity, which I enjoyed. 

COLAB London Dry Shampoo: I love the scent, sophisticated but not too overpowering. I used to like it, but after finishing the bottle, I don't think it is the best dry shampoo. I have other scents, but this one is my favourite.

London Bath and Beauty Mini Shaver: It took me a while to take the plunge and shave my face with these little razors. I have lots of hair, and my face is hairy as well. To the point where my face just look dirty if I don't do anything. Used to wax, but then my skin started t be sensitive and breakouts. Shaving is just a god-sent. I wish those razors would be easier to get a hold of. I still have a few, but would repurchase when I see them in store!

So,.. wait for it... 38 empties! I did good. What about you?