Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Miss Evil Kitty Bobby Pins Subby

My hair. I take care of it, but I rarely do anything with it. It always turns out like a madwoman's! 

I used to have long hair, but now I chopped them last week! And a few days before the big chop, I received those cute bobby pins* from Miss Evel Kitty. This is actually a subscription box, the same concept than Glossybox or Luxe Box, but instead of beauty products, each month you receive three different bobby pins!

Each set is different, so you don't receive the same as previous months. It comes in a cute handmade package, with lots of colourful washi tape. 

As I said, my hair is now short, so cute bobby pins is the perfect accessory for it, but it also looks great on long hair! The susbscription is also a good gift idea.

Miss Evil Kitty is a brand of vintage inspired handmade jewellery and accessories. Lots of flowers, bright colours, and just perfect for Spring.

If you order a subby, you can use the code IloveMEK, which is giving you a discount for either the 4 month subscription (3$ off), or the 6 month one (5$ off). They also offer monthly specials on selected items.

Miss Evil Kitty Bobby Pin Subscription, 6 month (6$/month) or 4 months (5.50$/month)
International shipping available.

*Review sample

Monday, 27 April 2015

Manicure Monday: MeMeMe Pensive

This week's manicure is made using MeMeMe Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss in Pensive, which is a light blue with a tinge of green. The colour is similar to Maximillian Strasse-Her. I prefer the Maximillian shade though, as I think it is a little bit mintier. To get a nice opaque finish, you need three coats.

The manicure was actually with another colour on the thumbs, but it chipped, so I decided to only show you Pensive. I'll probably try the effect with other colors soon, it is a little bit like the ombré nails that were in last year or the previous one, but using only 1 other similar shade on one nail.

Do you like pale nail polish? Do you also notice that you always tend to gravitate towards the same shades?

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday's Stuff I Like

Another week with ups and downs. Seriously, I can't wait for some sunshine, the weather here is just so depressing! Snow, rain and more snow!

I started to work again this week! A good thing, so I'm feeling useful. Especially with this weather, as I cannot work on my painting and restoration project yet.

I got my hair cut on Thursday! And I also dyed it. I'm not really fond of the colour though, I will have to work on that, but I like the haircut! Such a change from my long hair, but I don't regret it, even though I liked my long hair.

Yesterday my mum and I went to a zumbathon that a local hairdresser organized to raise funds for charity. It was fun and I sweat a lot! Nobody wanted to come with me. That's typical, there's not a lot going on an then when the're something nobody wants to to it. Really this gets me down. Then my mum decided she's come, and she was so into it, I told here I knew she's love it!

That's about it. This week is probably going to be a hard one as we'll have to put our dog to sleep. He has arthritis, and can barely walk anymore, and just sleeps all day. I just keep on praying one day before we make the call that I'll wake up and he'll be his normal self, but chances are slim.

Hope you are having a better time, sorry for the last bit, I don't want to bring down anybody but Félix is just such a good dog and I'll miss him so bad.