London is a girly girl's paradise


Hello! I am now in London, where I hope to work for a little bit. Since I arrived, I love it! I love how magazines all have gifts in it and how some are really nice! I also windowshopped a bit and there is so many gorgeous stuff ! Right now i am loving Boots, Nail Inc. London, River Island, Topshop and Camden markets. I am looking forward to buy I few things as soon as I start working and have some money! Here is my wishlist:

  • Nails Inc/Diet Coke in London (can't find it at all)
  • A flowery romper
  • Kate Moss for TopShop's silky grey romper
  • A boyfriend blazer with pinstripe cuffs (again can't find this)
  • Scarves
  • Red raincoat at Primark
Primark also has nice stuff, but it's so hard to shop there, what with so many people! I will try to go back in the mornings, i guess that will be more quiet!

What are your favorite London places/trends?

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