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I decided to answer a beauty tag today! Woohoo my first tag! It comes from Tonia, from Allaboutbeauty.

Here it is!

1.What is your beauty style? (Natural,trendy etc.)
I have two. One is more of a natural one, with beige and pink eyeshadow. The other one is more colorful, 80's inspired! But it's pretty simple, I either put beige eyeshadow and bright color eyeliner or a bright colored eyeliner with a glitter eyeliner.

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
I like to wacht other girls' syle on the street, blogs and magazines.
3.What beauty products do you have the most of?

I have lots of lipglosses and lipsticks. I also own loads of perfumes (if considered a beauty products), as I like to change them considering everything: my mood, my outfit, the weather, the season, if I have a headache or not... (Like today I put an overpowering one, Ricci Ricci, and regret it as I didn't have much sleep last night.)

4.What's your favorite / holy grail color for:

Eyes: I like the combination of Caroline Khol liner in Jade (really old) and Lise Watier's Eye Glitter Liner in Opale.
Lips: Hmmm... It changes a lot, so I cannot say really!
Cheeks: I am pretty conservative cheek-wise and always put the same blusher on: Anna Sui Face Color in 400, a tea-rose pink. I absolutely love the retro packaging, feels so glamourous!
Nails: I like Sally Hansen French manicure kits.

5.Three favorite brands at the moment:
-Lise Watier: It is a classic in Quebec, Canada. I remember my mother wearing this brand when I was young, and I think the brand is still trendy and has nice products for every generation.

-Nails Inc: Well, I like the fact that they are part of lots of promotions and it's a new brand for my as I am a newbie in the UK!

-Anna Sui: As I said before, I love the packaging. I also love the colors and the rose smell of the products!

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