Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish


A few weeks ago, I received a Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Grey Matter (805). I won it in Rimmel London's giveaway!
So I gave it a go a few times!

The color is a nice mousy grey. I really like it. Sometimes, it looks like it is a little on the purple/bluish side.

It claims on the bottle that the Xpress brush makes it for a 1 second application. Well, it is quick, but I wouldn't say 1 second. The brush is larger than the usual, but I still needed three strokes to cover my nails.While you could think that this can spell disaster, it did not. It claims to dry in 60 seconds, which, again, is not the case, but it still dries pretty quickly. I only needed 1 coat, and the color was opaque.
The first time I tried it, the color stayed for 3 days without a topcoat. Now it seems that after two days it starts chipping. I don`t know if it`s beginner`s luck or it is just that I have been doing manual things.

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  1. Thank you! I din`t think that i would like a grey polish, or a greige, but I do!

  2. Salut Steph! Oui la crème Neutrogena de ChickAdvsior c'est une bonne crème solaire, mais la bouteille est tellement petite! Et elle coûte chère pour la quantitié )=

    J'ai acheté un vernis gris de Avon parce que je voulais un gris depuis tellement longtemps! Je savais même pas que Rimmel en faisait!|

  3. Oui, c'est une nouvelle couleur depuis ce printemps il me semble!


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