30 Days of Fashion and Beauty 2010-Dermalogica Powder Room Event


I have subscribed to the 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty newsletter a few weeks ago, and I receive their newsletter everyday. Last Friday, the one that popped into my mailbox was the one with an invitation to the event held on Thursday, September 16th at the Dermalogica store in Kensington.

I saw one of their stations last week when I went to the River Island event. I was kinda curious, because the beauty consultants would check your skin with a minor -like helmet with a light! I didn`t have time to pop into the station at that time, so when I received the mail, I made a booking right away! Now I am going to see how they do with that helmet/light!

They will also have goody bags! Yay!

For more info and reserve your tickets: here!

See you there!

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  1. Je crois que j'en ai entendu parler de cet event dans... quel magazine déjà... LouLou, je crois?

    Oui j'ai aussi gagné le 3e "Forgotten giveaway" de Helena (Parisky). Faut avouer que je participe à pratiquement TOUS les giveaways, et je fais aussi TOUTES les entries possibles (poster sur mon blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Ça prend du temps, mais ça le vaut tellement! Depuis que je blogge, j'ai gagné quoi, plus de 10 giveaways? Je pense aussi faire un giveaway avec des trucs que j'ai gagné mais que je n'aime pas (même si habituellement je les donne à des amies ahah)

  2. Hehe je suis ton exemple! Jespere que tu men veux pas!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Salut Steph, simplement pour te laisser savoir que j'ai voté pour toi à partir de l'université également! 161 votes, way to go! YEAH!



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