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It's not easy to have a foot in a cast when there are new magazines coming out with nice freebies! I wanted to get to the supermarket this weekend in order to buy the new magazines, but couldn't make it in the rainy weather, plus it's a little far away for little old crutch-walking me!

So my boyfriend offered to go and get me some. I wanted Marie Claire and InStyle. Both had a selection of gifts with them, and I wanted to chose a nice one. It's always easier when you're at the store and chosing it yourself!

Anyway, I am really pleased with the ones my boyfriend got me! I got InStyle with a L'Occitane en Provence hand cream in Fleur Chérie. I would have prefered the Cherry Blossom one, but Nick couldn't find it.

The hand cream smells like orange blosom, it is really an uplifting smell!

I also got Marie Claire with a Ciaté Paint Pot in Dangerous Affair, a deep red. There is also a purple one on offer.

I am glad to have that deep red nail polish, as I wanted one for this autumn! The real colour is a little darker than the one in the picture. I really hope the colour pay-off will be the same as in the bottle, or a little darker!

My boyfriend has good taste, I'm glad I can trust him! :)

Have you got any interresting magazine freebies lately?

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  1. I have the Nail Varnish, its a red colour and looks really bright on. Good for a freebie out of a magazine. x

  2. Oh, i would have thought it would be dark! I will probably tried it this weekend!


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