New Nails Inc Diet Coke Nail Polish


The collaboration is back!

Last Spring, Nails Inc London and Diet Coke launched 4 nail polishes that you could grab at participating Boots. I was lucky enough to grab one, Paris, a dark purple one. London (greige)was the most popular one, it was flying off the shelves!

They still have 4 colours this time:Cool Caramel, Delicious Denim, Perfect Plum and Heavenly Heather Gray.

Since the trend for nudes doesn't seem to fade out, I am guessing Cool Caramel will be the one that everyone is going to choose!

You can grab a bottle of your choice when you purchase 2 500 ml bottles of Diet Coke at participating Boots. This promo starts on January 12 (I will be back in the UK just in time!)

Nails Inc London polishes retail at £11.00. With this promo, you get one for the price of 2 Diet Coke (a few quids)!

I totally LOOOVE Nails Inc London polishes! I will definitely check out the blue shade, Delicious Denim!

Do you love Nails INc London? Which shade are you eying in this promo?

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  1. Aahhh pourquoi on n'a jamais ces promos là au Canada?

  2. Je sais pas mais j'avoue que pour les promos, ils l'ont l'affaire les British!


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