New Years Resolutions


Happy New Year all!

I hope you had a good time on NYE! I had a nice quiet time with my parents!
May 2011 bring you lots of good stuff!

Every year, I try to have 1-2 resolutions, but this year I have more! Here they are:

-Exercice! (I started to exercise this summer, but my plans changed when I broke my foot! Hope I can conitnue that soon in 2011, as I have doing physiotherapy!)

-Drink more water (This is an easy one as I already like to drink water, but I want to do more!)

-Drink green tea (This one will be a little more difficult, as I think green tea has a grassy taste and I prefer coffee)

-Remove my makeup every night (Yes, I am lazy about it, but this will change)

-Write 2 posts per week ( I was good at this, again before my foot broke, and then when I started to recover, things started to be busy at work and preparation for Christmas)

-Overall, be more organized ( I am an organized person, but sometimes I wish I am more organized, like everybody I guess)

What about your resolutions?

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  1. Je veux aussi faire de l'exercice, mais c,est fou comme je suis paresseuse! Au moins, j'ai ma Wii Fit =D

    J'avais commencé à boire du thé vert à chaque jour mais je préfère le café et le thé )=


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