Background malfunctions


Hello all!!!

As you may have noticed, I have technical difficulties with my background! As I am not particularly tech-savvy, I am still trying to figure out how I can get rid of this photobucket error message! I know it comes from the Shabbyblog changing her server (or whatever it is called), and I also know I have to delete the old bakcground in order for that error message to go away. Problem is I cannot for the life of me find it! I even went into those html tabs and tried to do something, but it's all greek to me!

So for the time being, please bear with me! Thank you very much for your understanding!

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  1. N'hésite pas à m'envoyer un email si je peux t'aider! J'aime bien jouer dans le HTML (=

  2. Merci Gaby!!

    Pour l'instant je vasi garder ca comme ca, pcq j'ai pas le temps vriament, demain jmen vais a Dublin!


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