Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Mouthwash Review


Here is a product I got simply by liking them on Facebook! They had this promo a while ago, and they sent me a 250ml bottle of their Plaque Fighter mouthwash, smooth mint flavored!

What is unique with this product is that there is no alcohol in it, hence it doesn't sting the mouth!

Other characteristics:

"Kills up to 99.9% oral bacteria
Powerfully lifts plaque from teeth and gums
Provides long-lasting breath freshness
Is alcohol free so it tastes great and doesn't sting or dry the mouth"

I have to say that I could have been better in the past using moutwash. But since I want whiter teeth, I decided to take extra care now.

The mouthwash is bifacial, so you have to shake it well before use!

So I have been using this since a month now, everyday, once to twice a day. I really think this helped fight plaque in my case. I can feel that my teeth feel cleaner longer. The fact that it is alcohol free is kinda weird to me though. in a way, I think this is great, the mouth is less sensitive, but in a way, I am so used to those Listerine-type of mouthwash, where your mouth is on fire and that you "feel it's working"!

Overall, I like the product, and I would repurchase it. They sell it at Boots and Superdrug for around £3. Major supermarkets also stock it.

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  1. C'est toujours cool les promotions de Facebook! J'ai reçu tellement de trucs grâce à ça!

    Avant j'utilisais pas de rince-bouche mais depuis que j'en ai découvert un de Scope qui ne brûle pas, je ne peux plus m'en passer (=

  2. J'avoue que le rince-bouche je skippais ca aussi avant, mais la jai vraiment envie de prendre plus soin de me dents! Contente que t'en as trouve un, jpense pas que Dentyl se vende au Quebec?


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