Mail of the week (Feb 20-27)


The postman was really nice to me this week! So I have to thank him in a little post!

Here is what he brought me:

My Foam Party Kit! Nice 'n easy was selecting people on their website to be part of the launch of their Color Blend Foam. So on March 19th, 8000 of us will be dying our hair! Mine will be black! They also sent 2 vouchers for free packs, that I can share!

As I said in one of my recent post, this is the Giveaway I won from Nilufar Loves!

The box was even matching the hoddie I wore that day!

And she wrote me a thank you card! And those are all the goodies I received.

On Saturday I received my copy of Glamour.

On Saturday as well, I received my Braun Silk-épil from BzzAgent! More on that later!

This has not been delivered by the postman, I had to pick it up from my local library. It is the 48 copies of Rachel's Holiday that I am giving away on World Book Night!

Have you ever seen a palette of books?

As you can see on the cover, this is a special edition one, stating "World Book Night 2011" on it! This is going to be the first edition of World Book Night and I'm super excited to be a part of it!

There is an explanation of the event on the back of the book as well.

If you live in the UK, email me or post a comment if you would like a copy, we can try to make some arangements!

Was the postman nice to you this week?

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