Recent wins!


Here are some nice things I won recently! Don't you like to win things?!!

This one is a "A scent by Issey Miyake" eau de parfum! I won it with the monthly beauty competiion at Glamour!

I got back home one day to find a big paded enveloppe full of Radox goodies! Unfortunately though, I don't know where I won this one, as I don't remember entering any Radox competition lately!

Well, I do remember one Radox giveaway, but it is this one: Radox Be Selfish giveaway. They are giving away a set amount of one title every month, and in December, "Under the Duvet" by Marian Keyes was the book! So I jumped at this opportunity and entered as son as the website was on!

I won the Arcancil Nail Polishes Giveaway on Toxicity. This is the Set 1: Bronze Caprice and Addicted Fuschia. Most of people who participated prefered the other set, so Ihad more chance on winnig this one, which I really do prefer!

This week I have received Nilufar's LARGE New Year's Giveaway that I won! I was glad to win this one, as there were a few products i wanted to try such as Honey I washed the Kids soap, and the Sleek Glitter Palette!

Have you won anything lately?

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  1. Wow félicitations, chanceuse! Je ne pense pas avoir déjà vu les produits Radox par ici mais j'en ai entendu parler quelques fois sur certains blogs. Ils ont l'air intéressants (=

  2. Your a very lucky girl, you've won soo much...I only ever get free things in my house of fraser bag due to sales assistant error...can you believe once i got a mimco purse...haha...glad you enjoyed your

  3. @Gaby: Non, moi non plus j'ai jamais vu les produits Radox au Canada. Mais ca vient de la compagnie Sara Lee, et je me rappelle qu'ils avaient des produits congelés au Québec! Bizarre! Ca sent vraiment bon en tout cas!

    @Nilufar: Well if you regularly got things at HOF, you're lucky as well! Mimco bag! Are you serious!? Wow, that's a nice gift! This happenned to me in Mexico once, I bought a tank top and when I opened my bag, there were two in it! I was very confused! I was asking myself: was she trying to rip me off because I am a foreigner? But she did charge me only for one, so I was happy! Once again, thanks for the prize!


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