I really needed some clothes for work, and last Thursday, FCUK and Stylist magazine were having an event were you could have 20% off your purchase. So I took advantage of this, and here is what I got:

Well, this is just the bag in which came my purchases, but I like the pictures, so i wanted to show it!
This was something I spotted a week before the event, adn I wanted it. I am glad it also suits me! It is the Selina Top in Twister Mel. I wore it with a wide red belt the other day!
I wasn't sure about this top as usually this kind of light slamon pink doesn't suit me. But it did! It is the Charlie Top (I can't say the name of this color as it is not on the website and the SA took the tag for this one, I'm sorry! It might be cupid, though).

I like this dress, as it has a Kate Middleton style! It is the Bex Beads Round Neck Dress. There is also one showing more cleavage... Hopefully they found one in my size!

Did you buy anything special for Spring yet?

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