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Everyone knows Lush, and it's seems everyone loves it! I have to say, I like it once in a while, but I don't have a big collection as some of those beauty gurus we se on Youtube!

But anyway, here are the Lush products I have right now.

Family Picture!

Turkish Delight

I got this one right before Christmas, when I went to Lush with my boyfriend. I was curious to smell it, because I heard nice comments about it. Then my boyfriend said: Do you want it? Huh? Yes! It is a rose scented body polish. The rose here is not too overpowering, but it still has an old-fashioned smell. You can also detect almond and jasmin.

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

Another product I bought with my boyfriend. We both try to make our pores less appearant, and we love scrubs. So this one was like a breeze, we like the cooling scent. After reading the ingredients though, I noticed that there is vodka in it, and mixed with the salt and lemon, it reminds me of Tequila (I know it's not the same alcohol, but still) and now I don't use it so much, as I once was really sick on Tequila. I have to say that there is coconut oil in that product, but that I totally don't smell it!

Now for the bath bombs/ballistics, I have tried some before, but haven't tried these yet.

Waving not Drowning

I have to say I prefer the French name of that one (Nuit etoilee)! A lavender oil bath bomb, I suppose this one is going to be good if you have a particularly tiring day and you want to be guaranteed to sleep well! I have to admit that I am not a big fan of lavender, but it is a light smell (you cannot really say that often about lavender)!

(Not sure of the name)

I like that one, because it has colorful little pieces of paper dangling from it! I am searching different websites, as the UK one is down right now, but cannot find the name and description of it ... Sorry! I would say that it smell of either jasmine or cherry blossom.


This one is citrusy and also contains avocados to soften the skin. I also prefer the French name of this one (L'avocat du Diable)! I know avocados are usually used for their richness, as it is an oily fruit and I expect this bath ballistic/bomb (weird how the same product can have different names in different countries) to be really moisturizing during winter time!

Big Blue

This one makes me want to go to the sea! It doesn't have an typical ocean type of smell, as it contains lavender, lemon and seaweed. But i imagine if I had a house near the sea, it would smell like that.

Honey Bee

As you can tell by the name, this one has a honey smell, but I would say it is a creamy buttery honey smell, as opposed as a sweet one. They do say it is a toffe-honey one, but to me, it doesn't smell disgustingly sweet. It also has Morrocan Rhassoul mud in it, coming from the Atlas mountains! The yellow bomb, with its dark stripe is a reminescence of bees, how cute is that?

Coalface Cleanser

As you can see, this one has been well-loved. This is my second one of these. I actually prefered the first one I had, it seemed more efficient. The carcoal in it (sounds gross, I know!) helps to reduce sebum. I also thinks it scrubs a little as well. it also contains liquorice root, which is antibacterial and moisturizing.

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

I just got this one from Nilufar! It was going to be my next Lush purchase, but I'm glad I won it! When I opened my box, all I could smell was this delicious soap... Yuuuuuuuuuumy!

So this is my collection. What Lush products do you have? Let me know!

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  1. I love lush!! i think i tried the (not sure of the name) and it was a mess after the bath because of the pieces of paper.

  2. Haha! I haven't tried it yet but I was wondering about this! Thanks for letting me know: I'm warned now!

  3. awww soo sweeet i love your lush goodie...wish i had another ballistic i need it right now...xx

  4. I love the 'Honey I Washed the Kids' Soap. It is just sooo good!!! lol

    But right now I have been using the 'Godmother' soap, which smells amazing!! :D

    - Jen x

  5. The one you arent sure of the name of is called Supernova I think, and its discontinued at least in the UK so thats probably why you can't find it on the sites :(

  6. Je n'ai essayé aucun de ces produits sauf Honey I Washed The kids, que tout le monde a l'air d'adorer ahah! J,ai vu des photos de Big Blue "en action" et on dirait que le bain se transforme en océan! Wow!

    Seulement 3g de sucre par demi paquet de Crystal Light Pure, je trouve ça bien moi! Et seulement 15 calories par paquet. Rien ne bat l'eau plate, mais bon (=

  7. @Nilufar: hehe! Tell me if you find one!

    @Jen: Oh I never heard of that one before! I will try to smell this next time I pop in Lush! Thanks!

    @the-british-on: I just googled Supernova and i think you're right! Cheers!

    @Gaby: Oui, j'voulais essayer ce savon apres en avoir entendu parle par Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21). J'pense qu'elle y est pour beaucoup dans le succes de Honey i washed the Kids! Ah ben c'est bon pour le sucre! Moi j'aime bien l'au plate, alors j'ai pas trop de probleme a en boire! J'essaie surtout de couper dans le sucre dans les choses autres que le chocolat (j'serais pas capable de couper ca!) J'ai hate d'essayer Big Blue, et je t'en donnerai des nouvelles!

  8. i love avobath and i think you should try geofizz sometime too. lush bath bombs are my favorite.

  9. @Fruity Lashes: Thanks! I will look for that one too! :)


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