Portobello Market finds!


On Saturday, I was supposed to go see my boyfriend and his friends playing football, but since it was raining, the match was cancelled. We decided to go to the Portobello Market, because I remembered Click and makeup's post about her Portobello haul and wanted to check the stalls.

I didn't find that stall, but I did find some things...

I usually buy my thing either on a love at first sight basis, or after thinking about it for days, even weeks. These were all love at first sight ones, as well, second-hand stuff don't tend to be there next time you go! But I really like those taupe boots! They look normal on the picture, but on, they're really nice!

I also picked up this scarf. I wanted a scarf like that for a while, but as I was browsing, nothing really excited me. Until I got to this stall on Saturday and i saw this one, I was asking my boyfirned if he liked it and he said: "How are you going to wear that?" And then I replied: "I don't know how to tie it properly, but I saw this nice website the other day". I will have to do some research on how to wear it on the head, that is what I want to do, but as I said, I am kind of a silk scarf virgin. Since my boyfriend was buying a messenger bag, the guy sold me the scarf for £2 instead of £4. I think £4 was borderline of the price I would`ve paid for a scarf, but I really liked this one. But i was happy to have it 50% of the price!

I am a vintage junkie girl! I like to find unique pair of shoes or a nice purse. I hadn't had any luck lately until Saturday at Portobello. Bruxelles and Quebec City was good for that. London too!

Had any luck lately in the vintage corner?

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  1. Such fabulous boots I love them x

  2. Hola guapa! pues no lo he recibido aún, conseguí que al menos me contestase poniéndome un poco borde porque ni a los e-mails ni nada me respondía. Al final me escribió un mail y me preguntó la dirección para el envío (ya se la había puesto en otro email) y ya no he vuelto a tener noticias. La verdad es que no tengo muchas esperanzas, entiendo que esté liada o sin internet y tal... pero yo la veo subir entradas. En fin, suerte! dime si te llega please ;)

  3. Awww les bottes sont belles! J'aime la couleur (=

  4. Merci Gaby! Moi aussi cest la couleur que jai vu en premier, mon chum lui aime bien les plis! J'les ai mises hier et elles me font bien et ne font pas trop mal aux pieds (c'est la premiere fois que je mets des talons depuis que jme suis casse le pied!)


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