Review- Braun Silk-épil Dual Epilator (Week 1)


I received the Braun Sil-épil dual Epilator* last week. I also tried it on the same day, but I wanted to wait for a week before posting about it, just to see how the regrowth would be.

My kit came from Bzzagent, and was pretty complete with the Braun Silk-épil Dual epilator Legs & Body (7891 WD), which contains 1 smoothing cap (the one with the razor blades), 1 cap for sensitive areas, epilator cap (standard) and a charging stand. But for the purpose of this trial, I have been given 3 extra smoothing caps and a Gilette Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel.

I have used it pretty much everywhere I get rid of hair, except eyebrows! Actually, here is the list:
-Bikini line
-Upper lip.

I started with the underarms, as it is a place I already epilated before, with my mum's machine. I don't suggest using someone else's but as it is my mum, I didn't mind, I know how clean her stuff is. For this one, I used the epilator cap, which is a standard epilator one. As I expected, it went all smoothly. Most people would say that the underarms is a sensitive area, in my case it isn't. When I started waxing it, people would tell me I was crazy. Same thing when I theaded it (I know it sounds weird, but that is what I have been doing for almost 10 months). So all in all, Ihave nothing bad to say for this.

What is nice about this epilator is that you can either use it dry or wet, in the shower. That is what I did next, for my legs and bikini line. For the legs, I used the smoothing cap (the razored one).

(I have to say now, that this was the first time in almost 15 years that I SHAVED an area on my body. I used to say that no razor would touch me ever again, but for the purpose of the trial I'm using it. They say that for optimal results, the smoothing cap must be used each weeks for the first month, but then every 2-3 weeks. I am goingg to try that, but after a month we'll see. I am just so against shaving!!! I know some sources say that shaving doesn't make the hair grow coarser or thicker, but I am not really convinced about that...)

It was the first time I really did my legs with an epilator. I tried to do it with my mum's but it was just so painful! Same here. I read people's tips on epilating saying that it is less and less painful with time, so I was telling myself just that the whole time. Another nice feature on this machine is the light, which stays on whenever the machine itself is on. Really handy when you're in the shower and it is not the brightest spot in the house!

After I set myself to do my bikini line, and this time I used the cap for sensitive areas. The result was not as good as expected (again I am comparing with my mum's standard epilator). Lots of hair that couldn't be reached. I think this has to do with the cap: the opening is narrower, and even though I think it is meant for precision, I think it does exactly the opposite. Next time i will use the epilator cap.

Last thing I did was facial hair (chin and upper lip). There again I used the cap for sensitive areas. It was fine for the chin, I think this area is not that difficult to cover. But for the upper lip, the result is patchy, and also, in my willingness to try to get rid of all of them, I scratched myself and now I have a spot. Again, next time I will use the standard cap for this area.

Before/after pics!

So those two were before (last Saturday), when I might have been mistaken for the missing link between an ape and humans!

And this one is today. You can see the regrowth, which I presume comes only from the hair that was shaved.
Ok so last picture was taken in the daylight and the other ones not! But despite looking paler, I swear it is me!

Regrowth is bigger on my underarm, for some reason (not bigger than before, but bigger compared to my legs). I forgot to take picture of it last week. I would say it took about 3 days for the regrowth to come. I think this is ok in my case, as I have lots of hair. If you are lucky to have less and lighter hair, I would say would would be fine for longer than that.

What do you think? What kind a epilation methods are you using?

*Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent, sign up to be one here (UK) or here (USA & Canada)!

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  1. Ahhhh moi j'utilise encore le bon vieux rasoir puisque je suis tellement moumoune que la cire me fait peur ahahah! Et j'ai eu une mauvaise expérience avec un épilateur qui ARRACHE les poils... ugh x_x Je suis présentement un traitement à la lumière pulsée pour me débarasser une fois pour toutes de mes poils de dessous de bras, et je suis tentée de faire mes jambes égalements, mais 6000$... ouf.

    Tu es chanceuse de pouvoir essayer cet épilateur, et le kit est pas mal complet! Je ne pense pas que j'aurais eu le courage de l'utiliser moi ahah

  2. Ah oui, la lumiere pulsee! Jsuis pas encore rendu la, jtrouve ca cher un peu. Normalement mes techniques cest des melanges, tout dependant de l'endroit: creme depilatoire pour les jambes, pour les aiselles, soit le fil, soit la cire, cire pour le bikini aussi et le fil sur le visage. Si je continue a etre satisfaite de mon epilateur, ca va etre cool, pcq ca va faire juste un truc pour partout! A plus Gaby!

  3. Hello darling!
    Thanks for the review!
    I use a very similar one but I always use it on the shaving mode... the epilating mode hurts so much!
    XOXO from a new follower here,

  4. Hello Catanya!

    Thanks for subbing :)

    I hear you it hurts (on the legs at least, as with the other parts I'm fine!) I'm looking forward to a lesser pain though...

    Oh well, we have to suffer apparently!

  5. Thanks for the review I have never used anything like this I either wax or shave!

    Shaving is a hassle though and waxing is painful but bearable.

    I wish there was something that was painless and took hair off and it never grew back! Wishful thinking xx

  6. I havent epilated for ages, I really need to buy one because shaving just makes the hair grow back coarser :(

    You may like to check out my blog, I'm having a giveaway of MAC H&M and Natural Collection here :) xxx

  7. Hi kitoire!

    That's what I think as well, but I'll see how it goes with that one,and if it's not thinner or the same, I'm only going to use the epilator cap!


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