April Favorites!


It's that time for Favorites!

Here is what I have been using during April 2011:

Hit the Spot Oil free Moisturizer: I have received this in my Portobello goodie bag and I have never heard of that before. Seeing I had spots lately I think this came at the right time. It contains tea tree oil (which is good for oily skin!). At first, the tea tree smell is strong, but when it penetrates it leaves a light summery smell. For more info, check out their website.

Avon Foot Works Cherry Ice Cooling Foot Spray: This is a nice cooling product for when your feet are tired. I have started rollerblading and wlaking a lot lately, so a little bit of TLC was needed!

Braun Silk-épil Dual Epilator*: Sunny days are here, and I want to bare my skin more! I like my epilator, it's easy to used in the shower! Boots sells it ans it's £60 off now!

Got 2 Be Powderful Volumizing Styling Powder: I usually use this when my hair is almost in need of a wash (I only wash twice a week, always on the same days). It gives volume (duh!) but also give a little bit of freshness to the hair. But a little goes a long way, otherwise you end up having brassy hair, just like a steel wool, which is gross!

No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eye Cream: I don't really have eye wrinkle problems or anything, which is really hard to say if they're effective or not. However, a few weeks ago, my boyfriend had some bad ones, and I told him to put on some cream. i had this one on hand, and he used it religiously. Then I noticed the wrinkles were gone! So I snapped it and used it! Exclusive to Boots (May be sold in Shoppers in Canada and Target in the States, which carries the brand, but I am not sure about this specific product, let me know if you know!)

Secret Scent Expression Cocoa Butter Kiss Body Splash: Another product to get me in the mood for brighter and warmer days! I don't know why they call it cocoa, as I don't smell it! (Well in French it is translated in "Coco" which is coconut, and more accurate!) It is like a Pina Colada in a spray: pineapple, coconut, Carribean! It is not in sale in the UK (haven't seen it) but it is sold everywhere in Canada and the USA.

Any April favorites?

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