I'd give my haul!


No, I will not give it, but I got this Mariah Carey song stuck in my head, so might as well use it for my title haha!

I told you last week about the Carnaby Shopping Party. I don't know if any of you went? Well, I did, and Nick (boyfriend) came with me and it was all very nice!

I first went to MAC, as you know, they don't have sales and it's seldom you can have a 20% discount on their products. There was a lineup to enter, I didn't mind that, that's the fact I went there first! I was annoyed at the setup though, assistants contraditcing themselves, and no one giving the same explanation as the other one. At the end, they allowed me to enter the store with an assistant, but she was really annoying, like "Do you know specifically which product you want? Do you prefer pink or brown lipstick?". What if I want an orange one? Can't I just browse and be attracted to a color I see? I didn't like it, MAC people are usually not pushy like that, I wish they would have thought of something different to moderate the flow of customers, but Oh well!!!

Anyway, I ended up buying totally different things that what I had vaguely the idea of purchasing (that was: Satin Taupe eyeshadow and Posey Cream Blush). Glad I didn't fell into the pressure! I bought:

Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Insanely It. I have never heard of that colour on blogs, but it is an "in your face" pink with a hint of blue. Perfect for making my teeth appear whiter!

Paint Pot in Rubenesque: I always think it is pretty on Elle Fowler (Allthat Glitters21) but for some reason, every time I go to MAC, I forget to check it out!

Power Point Eyepencil in Gilded White, from the Surf Baby collection (not sure if it's also part of the regular collection). I thougth this would be nice paired with the Insanely It lipstick!

We also went to the Illamasqua store, which was empty! Was a nice break from the MAC store. I have never tried any of their products yet, but I was drawn to the Liquid Metal shadow in Phenomena. That one was a gift from Nick! Thank you!

I also went to Boots on Friday, they have a 3 for 2 promo on skincare, perfect to be summer-ready! I picked up:

Non-Drowsy Hayfever Relief: Boring, but essential!

VO5 Control-it Creme :(There is a promo now, 2 VO5 products for 4.5 pounds) this one is for the boyfriend!

VO5 Curl Up Curl defining Mousse: I have been blessed (cursed?) with wavy hair, usually I can either straighten them or leave them wavy, but lately it's hard to have any results on either fronts. I think a little mousse help was needed!

St-Tropez Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse: I think I was due to try fake tan. I did some research, read that you couldn't go wrong with St Tropez, even if they're on the pricey side. So far, not impressed with the results, but it might be something I am not doing properly. #faketanvirgin

Bio-Oil: I heard this was good for old and new scars, and as I have a nasty one I want to get rid of, I am curious to see what this product can do for it.

Garnier 2 in 1 Tinted Eye Rool-on: I was banning the L'Oréal group, but I gave in and bought this, as I was intrigued with it. I tried it yesterday, hayfever was bad, and my eyes sore. It has a nice cooling effect.

That's my haulage for the wekend!

Nick "argossed" a metal shaker, he was talking about getting one for months but the Mojito temptation was too big to resist now. on Saturday we chilled in the backyard with our new housemate Kate (I'm not THE chick anymore :().

Can you say "Demerara sugar"? I think it's so funny to say! Haha!

What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. Oh, that lipstick!Stop enabling me!!! xoxo

  2. @ArtDonatella: I knew you would love it! Would look good on you ;)

  3. J'hésitais à essayer le self-tan de St-Tropez car il me semble qu'il coûte telleeeeement cher! Et puis je suis pas mal noob avec les self-tans, j'utilise présentement un de Neostrata dans Deep Dark mais il n'est pas aussi foncé que je l'aurais voulu, décevant!

  4. @Gaby: Oui, moi aussi j'ai bien hesité, mais ocmme j'avais tellement entendu des bonnes choses, j'me suis dit que je faisais un achat sensé. Moi aussi le problème que j'ai c'est qu'il est pas assez foncé :(


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