MAC, Benefit and more at 20% off!


There are just so many great offers these days!

From 5pm to 9pm tonight is the Carnaby 20% shopping party, saving you 20% in over 100 shops (includindg MAC, Benefit, Pixi, and clothes retailer as well!), bars and restaurants in the 12 streets of Carnaby.

There will also be live music, goodie bags, and complimentary drinks!

To take advantage of all this, all you have to do is register here!

I have convinced the boyfriend to tag along, as he is looking for some shoes!

Will you be there?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, what an amazing deal! & I love your blog design :)

  2. i love where i live, but sometimes, i think i could easily move away to enjoy things like this. have fun!

  3. thanks for sharing! following you now :)

  4. @Vintage Makeup: Did you go and get anything? Thanks for the compliment!

    @amy: I know what you mean, I used to live in a smalll town (but I didn't like it thoug)! If you like where you live, that's what maters!

    @Ashley: You're welcome, thanks for following!

    This weekend, I'm going to post what I bought, along with some bits and bobs from Boots, stay tuned!


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