Storm Tea: Organic Red Berry and Rose Tea


If you love fruity herbal tea, you have to try the Organic red berry and rose tea* from Storm Tea! I was recently invited to review their silk pyramid tea, and this is the flavour the choose for me. And the choice was perfect! Hmmmm!

Our super fresh and fruity tea with chunks of strawberry and apple. Squeezed full of vitamins to help keep colds and flush toxins away and rounded off with the delicate edge of rose petals. Naturally caffeine free.
Ingredients: Hibiscus*, apple bits*, rosehips*, strawberry bits* rose petals* natural flavour. *Certified organic by the Soil Association.
Unlike the other tea boxes and bags, Storm Tea's are clear, which is good as you get to see how the leaves and fruits are! What you get is a "silk" pyramid, full of fruit bits and loose leaves. You will not get the powders you often get with other brands. My boyfriend compares it with picking dry fruit from the groceries. We can't help but looking at the leaves and fruits inside the bag, it looks like potpourri!

And talking about potpourri, the smell of the tea is vibrant and enticing! A fruity and tart blend!

As you can see from the image above, the tea has lots of room in the bag, which leaves room for them to expand.

A perfect cuppa! This tea is flavourful and really, a storm in a cup!

If herbal tea is not your favourite, they also have a choice of black and green teas to choose from.

As the "silk" pyramid bags are made of plastic, I was a little concerned about the disposal of the teabags. After reading the Storm Tea Eco Policy, I found out that they are made of a special plastic that is recyclable and non-toxic when incinerated. I thought it was quite cool!

A box of 15 teabags is around £3.99 on Storm Tea's website, which is a good value for the quality you get.

You can also find Storm Tea on Facebook and Twitter:

*Disclaimer: This product was send to me for consideration to review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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