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Hi people!

Yes, this is another Glossy Box post, as I just discovered new things.

I received my box yesterday and overall I am pleased with it. I might give them another chance until September.

But what I just saw on their Facebook page appalled me. I tried to go there today to see if anything else has been said about the matter. Well, I have been BANNED from their Facebook page, and the comments I made were deleted.

Let me say just how rude and unprofessional this behaviour is. This is not like deleting spam or unrelevant comment. Everyone are entitled to their opinion. I was making points they could learn from. Like a lot of other people who got banned.

Well, GlossyBox, you will have to clean your act now. You can ban people from your Facebok page. But if they are customers voicing their concern, you will only make them angry. And remember: you may ban people from Facebook, but most of them still have Twitter accounts and their own blogs where they can voice their own opinion.

I though about this on Friday but now that this has been further, I really do think we are seeing another case of "Sun Love", where the PR is just a mess. I am really disapointed in that, and I had great faith for the GlossyBox. Not anymore.

I am truly curious to see how this will develop. If GlossyBox offers some kind of apologies to people how have been banned. If they will adress people's concerns.

I will wait. Even though I should just unsub. That's what I would normally do... I am usually really quick to ban companies that deal in a manner I think is not correct. Just for now, I will wait, because I think it's not really the company that is not good, but their PR.

We shall see. What would you do?

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  1. I noticed this as well. Do they think that banning people on facebook will stop people talking in real life and on twitter/blogs.

    I unsubscribed after the whole affair. Their PR is an absolute joke. I cant believe how unprofessional and sneaky they are being. I say they fire their entire PR department because they are a pile of absolute shit.


  2. Hi my love! I cant believe they blocked you!! what terrible customer service they have, i cancelled my sub, figured i can use the £10 more usefully. xxx

  3. Hi Georgia!


    I don't really know about the other departments of the company, I mean I don't know if the company as a whole is like that, or the customer service is like that (I heard some contradicting opinions) but the PR is rubbish!

    I would be interrested in seeing if anything would be different with a different PR. Then maybe there is still some hope. But to be honest, as long as the PR people are still there, no good will come out of it!

  4. I know, I was trying to be helpful in all this! You know, when someone doesn't know they are not doing something properly how can they improve? But I guess they are aware now, seeing they deleted people's comments...

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  7. I can't believe you were banned! What were you saying over there?! Im deffo canceling before they start charging for p+p, I didn't sign up for a £12.95 per month box, I signed up for a £10 a month box thankyouverymuch!

  8. Hi Alice!

    What I think they were mad at is that I posted Boudoir Prive's weblink after someone enquire about that. But lots of people posted it anyway (I'm not saying if they jump in the river I will follow though ahah). I would have understand them deleting that particular comments. But not everything! A private message along the lines of "Bla bla bla, we would prefer that our competitior's website is not linked to our Facebook, bla bla". To what I would have reponded with an apology and I would have said "Fair enough". They totally responded out of proportion. Being the one who was trying to balance things out in both camp, I kinda feel betrayed by the fact I was banned...

    Also I voiced the same things as most people as well regarding P&P, Batiste, etc. I said something along the lines of answering people complaints instead of just retweeting good stuff, that if they continued ignoring people like this, the issue would get bigger and they would have damage control to do. That is the most "outspoken" comment I made, in no way abusive. It was not a threat in any way. I was not searching troubles, I was just saying this was inevitable. If people are angry, you have to first acknowledge their reaction and then apologize. That's what I learned in my customer service years anyway! Ignoring people just makes them more angry.

    What I think is saddening in all this is that I was in no way angry at them for the size of the products, the selection of them, or even the Batiste one. As I said in the post previous to this, we signed up to a sample service, it is ok not to receive full-size products. Also, I was not expecting household brand names as this is a service to discover products. And I was bound to believe the Batiste product was a glitch, didn't see it as being short-changed, overall, one cheaper product out of 5 is ok, as long as this doesnt happen every time.

    Here is what I would have liked to happen from their part:

    -Offering only 1 full sized product in the first box (they had the NARS and All for Eve ones), as to not to set the bar too high, but still make it an incentive for people to sign up.
    -Disclosing an idea of how much each box would be worth each month, and trying to make all the boxes the same worth (I received the cheapest one, some got lipgloss worth at least twice than the shower gel!)
    -Announce at the beginning that for a limited time, P&P would be complimentary, as opposed to FREE (we all assume it was INCLUDED in the £10).
    -Aknowledge peoples' reaction to the June Box.
    -Apologizing, stressing they are a new company and strive to make better in the future.
    -Keeping people's comment on Facebook, writing private messages to those they had issues with the comments
    -Wait until they announce that P&P increase! This could have been made late July. Why now when so many people are unhappy?
    -Leave the GlossyDots as they were for the time being, people were bound to forget to write reviews anyway: it's not like they would have had thousand of free boxes to send. Reajust in 6 months time maybe.
    -Ask people for what brand they would like to be featured in the boxes (this has been made by a fan on their FB page, in my opinion, she should do their PR)
    -Not saying they had to ban people because they were abusive when they were not! (It makes me angry to be falsly accused)

    I think I had more, but by the time I developped all this, I forgot some!


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