Obsessed by fashion blogs!


For the last 2 weeks, I have been browsing more fashion blogs than beauty ones. But since I am a newbie to the fashion blogosphere browsing, I still don't know many of them.

What I look in a fashion blogs is mainly outfits looks on the blogger. I don't care much about the Polyvore boards, or pictures from website. I want to be inspired on how to wear pieces and how they look on real people!

So here are my favourite so far! Enjoy!

Pauline's Fashion Blog: Pauline is a young French woman. I really like her style, she is really good at remixing her pieces (another thing I am looking in blogs!). She also has her own leather clothes company, Call me Ponie (with another blogger) and seriously I am thinking of buying a few pieces, they are so gorgeous! (Bermuda Tisane and Cape Macaron).

Au Pays de Candy: I really like the fact that Elside (another French blogger) can rock so many different styles! She is also a biker jacket fanatic, and since I am on my quest of the perfect biker jacket myself, the only thing I can do is drool over how she style hers (and she has many!). She also likes to customize her charity shop finds!

La penderie de Chloe: Chloe is a (yes, another one) French blogger. What I like about her is her quirky style, a little bit similar to the British one! She is also really good at charity shop finds.

Her Waise Choice: Jen is a Canadian girl from Vancouver (I can relate with that, I have lived there for almost 3 years!) Hers was one of the first fashion blogs I stumble upon. She has a really classy style, showing outfits that are maily office-appropriate. It's also nice to see some places I know!

Faboulista: It is really nice to see such an excentric blogger from Vancouver, of all places! Those of you who have been in Vancouver knows people are laid back there and that girls often don't wear anything else than Lululemon pants and Aritzia hoodies! (Well, ok I am guilty for the Aritzia hoodie part...) Another blogger with great vintage finds!

If you have any favourites, please let me know, as I would like to discover some more!Link

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  1. Her Waise Choice and Faboulista are dolls! love their blogs. :)

  2. Je ne suis pas sûre de comprendre le concept de Polyvore, ça me fait penser à quand on jouait avec des poupées quand on était plus jeunes, je sais pas ahah

  3. @Oh to Be a Muse: :)

    @Gaby: Oui, j'ai bien aimé quand tu avais fait ton giveaway avec le Polyvore, je trouvais que pour un giveaway c'était une facon différente et le fun de faire les choses. Si je recherche a creer un look particulier avec des pieces que je peux acheter, ca va. En meme temps, moi j'aime faire des trouvailles dans les marchés au puces, alors ce ne sera pas des trucs que je vais trouver sur Polyvore!


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