Heads up- Free Hairdryer in News of the World!


I found this in my Sunday News of the World. Starting next Sunday, News of the World will publish tokens in their supplement, Fabulous. Those tokens can then be redeem for a free hairdryer, which is worth £15!

I don't have much more info than than, but if you are familiar with NOTW promos, they usually require you to collect 3-4 tokens in different editions (the paper costs £1). You then redeem the tokens at a selected location, which will be specified in the Fabulous mag. (Click here and here for other NOTW beauty promos!)

I don't think I'm going to grab this one as I have a hairdryer already, but I think it's a good promo if you need one.

Will you get this promo?

P.S: Yesterday I grabed my Fabulous Nails Inc set at Tesco, I will try to post swatches, but my Internet connection is down at the moment, so please bare with me!

UPDATE: As you might know, NOTW will release its last edition on Sunday, so probably the hairdryer offer will not happen. (I don't know how they will honor that or not).

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