M and S and Primark Holiday Haul


I'm going to Portugal really soon and this called for some clothes shopping!

I went to M&S to get some shorts and bikini as: 1. I didn't have any shorts, 2. I gained weight and dont' really fit in my old bikini anymore :( (Well, it's ok for the backyard, but I don't want to risk a wardrobe malfunction on the beach!) If you have this bikini, don't wash it in the machine, even if it says so! The padding on mine slightly moved, and it took me a few minutes to put them back into shape.

I did some recky on their website and spotted the bikini and when I saw it it was perfect! (The red-it's coral actually-is now on sale on their website!) But the shorts I thought I would buy was a let down, but I grabbed those bright yellow instead! Perfect to do some summery colour-blocking! Trendy trendy!

I also needed some sandals and cheap t-shirt, so I headed to Primark, During the sales period. Crazy! I am already not a big fan of Primark, as I find things are still expensive for the quality of most of it (I'm not a wear once and bin it girl) and then the mass of people! But during sales, you can imagine it's even worse!

But I am pretty glad at what I found, especially the footwear! I also needed a pair of normal walking shoes, that I wouldn't mind getting dirty. Those balck espadrilles (£1!) fits the bill perfectly!

And those sandals are made of real leather, and were 50% off, so were £6 each.

And those flats are my new babies! I won't bring them on holidays, but they will match most of what I bought in my late "vintage spree" (probably more on that later)!

And I bought some camis and t-shirts.

This one is really soft!

I also bought a pair of sunglasses, as I find mine are really heavy. Those are from the men`s section, but they actually fit me better (behind the ears) than my other ones. The cashier thought they were really nice, and my boyfriend is actually jealous!

Hope you enjoyed this haul! If you have bought anything recently for your hols, let me know!

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