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Hi there!

I am now back from my holidays in Portugal! It was very fun and I miss the vacation feeling already!

Today I am posting both June and July Empties, as I didn't have time before going to post the June one. And I am working really hard to finish products now, as I don't know how long I will be in the UK (meaning I don't know if I'll be able to secure my visa next Spring, you never know with Immigration!) so better try to finish everything than having to sort it out last minute!

June Empties:

Palmolive Silky Shine Effect: I liked this shampoo, but I am not sure if this makes my hair shinier or not.

Repurchase: No, as I have lots of shampoo, this one doesn't really stand out to me.

Nivea Pure Invisible Deodorant Roll-on: This deodorant claims to leave no trace on the clothes. I have tried 2 Nivea deodorant, both doesn't leave marks. So I am not really sure how this one stands out... But I didn't like the smell of this one, too manly. In the bottle it's fine, but not on myself.

Repurchase: No

Yves Rocher Riche Crème Age Defense for Hands: This one is the old packaging, now it is called " Riche Crème Hand cream anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing". It is an ok hand cream, what I like about it is that it's not too greasy, I hate putting hand cream because afterwards, I can't do normal stuff because of the greasyness!

Repurchase: Yes, if there is a promo I might repurchase, but I'm not loyal to hand creams.

L'Oréal Healthy Look Conditionner: I really liked this one, it left my hair easy to comb and de-tangled as well as glossy. It may be because of the Royal Gelee in it, I have never seen that in other hair products.

Repurchase: Yes and no. The product is really good, but I am on a L'Oréal boycut right now, due to them not including people from Quebec in their contests. Boooh!

L'Oréal L'Image conditionner: Another L'Oréal product (my mum gives me the conditionners when she dyes her hair). This one is good, but not as good as the other one.

Repurchase: No.

Johnson's Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes: These are supposed to balance the oil in the skin, but if anything, they left my skin oilier. I am not a fan of wipes, and these didn't rock my world either. They are thin, and hurts when I try to remove makeup with.

Repurchase: No

Radox Shower Smoothies Spirit Booster*: This is an ok shower gel, but some in the Radox Collection smell better.

Repurchase: No

Radox Daily Elements Scrub*: I have problems with commercial scrubs, as I don't think they scrub enough. This one is no exception.

Repurchase: No

July Empties:

Palmolive Milk and Honey Shampoo: This shampoo is made for dry hair. My hair is not dry, it's normal to oily, but I still enjoyed using it. It didn't make my hair oilier. It smells really nice.

Repurchase: Yes

Kruidvat Satine Body Lotion Glow: I bought this last year in Belgium. I took my time to use it because it reminds me of my time there! I really like the smell, it's a light version of some really overpowering perfume (if that makes sense...) I think it smells like the Outspoken perfume, but without the overpowering element. They have some shimmer particules in it, but nothing OTT.

Repurchase: Yes

Radox Shower Smoothies Natural Balance*: Another honey scented product! I really like the scent. I like this shower gel because of this.

Repurchase: Yes

Johnson's Refreshing Cleansing Lotion: This is for normal skin. I have combination/oily skin, but I thought this would be ok. I didn't like this product. It smells too much, has a milk consitency and doesn't lather. I prefer gels. It rubbed my skin, hopefully it's not sensitive!

Repurchase: No

Yves Rocher Lavande Naturelle Moisturizing Cream Dry Feet: This is again the old version. Also, this might affect my opinion, as I remeber this product was white, but soon turned yellow. And the smell turned as well... I didn't like this product.

Repurchase: No

Yves Rocher Riche Crème Age Defense for Hands: Same as before!

Essentials Shower Gel: These are the ones I got at the hotel. They are ok, smells herbally.

Repurchase: No, as they are from hotels and not on the market

Made Inn Shower Gel: Same as above, but from another hotel!

Repurchase: No, they're not on the market.

O' Callaghan Hotels Galanta Body Lotion: Another hotel products (from Ireland this times). This smells really good! It has sea salt in it!

Repurchase: I don't know if it'S on sale, but I would it if was!

Clinique All About Eyes: This is the sample size. I like this product, it's refreshing and soothes eyes when they are tired. It turns quickly tough, but this might be because of the sample packaging (I hope the real one doesn't do that!)

Repurchase: Yes

Palmolive Naturals Shower Milk: Another Honey Milk product! Can't you see a pattern? This is a mini, ideal for a weekend, but not more thant that! I like the product though.

Repurchase: Yes, but not in a mini size

Olay Total Effect Wakeup Wonder: This is really good. It smells like cherry gummies! I also like how it tightens my skin and make it "wake up". Definitely worth the name!

Repurchase: Yes, but the full size is pricey.

Vichy Norma Derm moisturizer: This is one of the products I feel are too havey for me. Might be ok in the winter if you have really dry skin.

Repurchase: No

Nice n Easy Color Seal conditionner: This is one of my favourite conditionner. Again, this is a product you get in the home hair dye kits, but it's also sold separetely! I don't dye my hair (my mum does), so I cannot say anything about the color sealing properties...

Repurchase: Yes

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Conditionner: Ok another product from the L'Oréal group! But I like the conditionners! This on is ok, not great but does the job.

Repurchase: No

No Name Makeup Remover Wipes: I was sent them to test for a marketing company. Unfortunately, the company cannot tell me the name of the brand. It is really a shame because those were my favourite wipes! They were fluffy, they actually removed makeup and they smelled great. If I ever stumble upon the brand, I will be a happy girl. Fro the time being, the quest is still on...

Repurchase: Yes!!!!!!

So I got a lot of empties in July, but I keep in mind those were mainly minis that I tok with me on vacations!

Did you have lots of empties in July? Or are you doing a project bathroom or 10 pans? Let me know!

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  1. You are doing great!! Well done!! xx

  2. You got through so much in the last two months, yay. I love the satisfying feeling of reaching the end of a product.

  3. Wow, beaucoup d'empties ces derniers moi Steph, yey! Je n'ai su que très récemment que Palmolive avaient des produits de beauté ahah! Et je ne crois pas qu'on ait les produits Radox ici, mais ils ont tous tellement l'air mangeables miam!

  4. Thank you all girls! Isn't the feeling of an empty great?

    Gaby: J'ai vu quelque part qu'ils etaient en vente dans les Prairies (j'pense en Alberta, mais ca pourrait etre MB ou SK), ce qui est assez bizare comme marche, j'veux dire le milieu du pays haha!


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