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I am glad I have been chosen to review Simply Ice Cream!

I was chosen back in July, but because I had to take my holidays at short notice, and then me not being able to be home for the collection, I had a hard time to have it delivered. But the people at Simply Ice Cream were pretty flexible, and we managed to sort everything! Now, you will agree with me that ice cream is not the kind of goods that the delivery guy can leave with your neighbour or just leave a red note like the Royal Mail. Anyway, I think I was really scared about my ice cream melting, but I shouldn't have! My package arrived safely home, complete with big ice packs.

Enough said about the delivery!

I was sent three flavours to try out: Raspberry, Stem Ginger Marmalade and Heavenly Honeycomb Crunch.

The first one I tried was the Raspberry one, as I felt it was the "safe" choice. It was good, but I was expecting something sweeter. Simply Ice Cream doesn't contain additives and preservatives, so I guess that explains it! I really liked the creaminess of it though. I feel this is what the ice cream from the old days tasted! Simply Ice Cream, the name says it all, I think!

Then I didn't want to eat all that ice cream to myself, so I shared the Stem Ginger Marmalade with my boyfriend*. I was reluctant to try this one on my own, as I usually not a big fan of ginger. I was pleasantly surprised though. It was not too spicy, just enough sweet, and again, creamy. The ice cream was flecked with ginger bits, so the balance cream/garnish was spot on. We had it with some cupcakes, and it was a good combination, even though at first we could think that too many flavours were involved.

Lastly I eat the Heavenly Honeycomb Crunch one. Now my hopes were high for this one, and I feel I was disapointed. It was good, but a little too sweet for me (I can usually stand lot of sweetness) and it was barely crunchy. It tasted like caramel, with the aroma of honey making appearances sometimes. I think this one could be really good if the sweetness was more balanced. This is one of their core flavours.

So my favourite turned out to be the one I thought I wouldn't like! (Sometimes it's good to go out of your comfort zone...)

They also do Special flavours that changes regularly, using seasonal produce. The ice creams are made from natural ingredients, doesn't contain additives or preservatives, are gluten-free and are suitable for vegetarians.

For more info on Simply Ice Cream:

*My boyfriend's verdict is that it's really creamy! He really insists on it!

*Disclaimer: Product offer for review consideration through Fuel my Blog.

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  1. Crème glacée, miam miam! Je suis aussi sur Fuel My Blog depuis récemment mais je ne suis pas sûre de comprendre grand chose ahah

  2. Ah oui Gaby?! Je sais pas si c'est different d'ici, mais pour moi c'est tres facile. Tout se fait par email avec la meme dame a chaque fois! J'espere pour toi que ca va etre plus facile! :)

  3. Review of ice cream?! Everyone should be so lucky! Glad you like it =)

  4. Reviewing ice cream...lucky you
    I like the sound of the honeycomb one x

  5. @ The Brunette: Hi Lisa-Jane! The honeycomb one was alright, but the Stem Ginger one was the best!


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