Stargazer Shake and Bling Challenge


I love bloggers' challenges! Those offer the possibility to go out of your comfort zones, pushing you to do something different that what you normally do.

So I jumped at the chance to be part of Stargazer's Shake and Bling Challenge, my first blogger challenge! The premise of that challenge was that bloggers would have to create the ultimate nail design, using only selected Stargazer products (other than base and top coat): nail gems, glitter shaker, nail polish and nail art pen.
I got:
Ultra Cover Nail Polish in 305 (£2.50)
Nail Art Pen in Gold (£3)
Glitter Shaker in Pink (£3)
Nail Jewellery , glue included (£2.50)

Now, I really like nail polish, but nailart is something I don't usually do. Just because I don't have ideas, my hands shake, etc. So this challenge was a good way for me to get on the nail art train.

I started by painting my nails with the polish (2 coats). Then, when it is still tacky, I pressed some glitter on it with my opposite index. (This is nice because you don't have to worry about a perfect polish application.) I then used the brush end of the nail art pen to draw an accent nail, leaving a purple triangle to peak through. I then use the tip en of the same pen to put polka dots (THE trend for A/W 11!) on my middle and index fingers. I then glued a round nail gem (to stay in the dots theme) at the tip of the triangle on my ring finger. I didn't use the nail pen on my thumbs and pinkies.
Ta dah! Some fancy nails for the weekend!

If you have participated in this challenge, or if you do nail art, please link below!

*Disclaimer: PR samples

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  1. You got some beautiful colours! I love the pink shaker! When I chose mine I couldn't find the shaker colours so told them to send me whatever LOL! You design looks pretty, better than my ladybirds! Mel xxxx

  2. Thank you! My first idea was to create a contrast between the pink and purple, but the glitter just blend in. It took time for me to find the glitter as weel, but I typed "glitter shaker" in the search bar and it was fine. By typing "glitter" I didn`t find them...

    Well, as I said, I like your ladybugs! My design is more abstract, as I didn't want to risk painting something that would turn good because of my manual skills! Hahaha!

  3. Thank you so much for commenting on my nails! I love yours, so effective, love the colour of your varnish and how your nails all complement each other! Sarah xxx

  4. Thank you Sarah! That's really sweet! Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I love the glitter! It looks great :D


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