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On Tuesday evening, I was lucky enought to be invited to the Beauty Playground Event, which showcased the latest products from many brands: Lee Stafford haircare, myface cosmetics, Lulu's Time Bomb skincare, Operation: Glam haircare, Colour Xtreme Hairart and Skin Art. Most of them are just in time for the upcoming festive season!

I was running late to the event, and my phone kept on ringing on my way, so needless to say I arrived quite stressed! First to welcome me was Lee Stafford. I didn't recognized him at first, in my hurry, but he was really nice and showed me his tattoos!

First I had a facial massage, with the Lulu's Timebomb Youth Explosion Day Serum. This was all I needed to put the stress away (ok and a glass of bubbly)!

I then had some makeup done using the new myface Blingtones, I chose Tequila Sunrise, a warm orange-yellow and the Slinky eyeliner, but I don't remember which colour I had. There was also a nail station, but I didn't have time to go.

I also had a previe of Skin Art tattoo, and they also have glitter tattoos! I am not usuallly a "bling" girl, but I think those were so clever! Unfortunately, I don't have any picture of my glitter tattoo, but I shall be doing a review later on. There were also the temporary hair colour, Colour Xtreme Hair Art. I already heard about ir before, but with my dark hair I thought it wouldn't show. But it's showing on brunettes as well. I had the glittery one (ok, I am now a converted bling girl!) and thought this would be good for parties, or any big event. It actually looked like snow in my hair, which was quite cute.

The last station was the Lee Stafford one. He just launched a shampoo and conditonner from the same range as his best-selling Hair Growth treatment. I already have long hair, but I won't say no to something that could help them stay strong!

The event was really nice, I wish I would've take more pictures, but Chloe (from the event) was nice enough to send me hers. She was kind enough to give me a few products to try at home, which I am currently doing, and will be reviewing them later! If you have any request of those products, please let me know!

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  1. J'attends avec impatience le 9 novembre, où je vais ENFIN pouvoir me rendre à mon premier event beauté (Marcelle & Annabelle)! J'ai été invité à une couple mais toujours trop loin (Toronto, UK, New-York). J'AI HÂTE!!!!

  2. Cool Gaby! Ca devrait etre le fun! Tu nous donneras des nouvelles, j'aimerais voir comment ils font au Québec!


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