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Elegant, resealable bag

I love coffee. More than tea (I'm not British, you might see that!). But since I moved in London Ihave been fueled by instant coffee (beurk) since that is what some of my colleague at work prefer. I got semi-used to instant coffee, but drinking is not as pleasurable as what I call a "real" coffee.

So when I got the chance to review Kopi, a coffee company that has a subscription programme, I was eager to be able to drink real coffee again.

For me, drinking coffee should be a ritual, something sensual. I mean by that that I like to take my time to prepare it, drink it while reading a book or magazine, and also smell the aroma!

I first open my bag of Kopi Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua* last week and brew it for myself and my collegue. And all of a sudden, a burst of fresh coffee scent went to my nose as the coffee was dripping. I have forgot the smell of good coffee and wasn't even aware of it, as the smell transported me back to last Christmas at my parent's! Shocking!

Mmmm! Coffee!

Kopi Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua is a medium strength coffee (out of 5 they class it as a 3). They say about it: "Richly refreshing with a lively aroma. Carefully grown on the slopes of an active volcano, this is a quintessentially clean, easy-drinking Guatemalan roast." If you like South Amerian coffees and their nutty and creamy flavour, you would like this.

The Guatemala was their October choice. Each month is a different selection of coffee. I will try to explain the concept, but first I think the image below is doing a good job at it (click to enlarge).

So basically, you pay for a subscription of coffee. You can either chose 1-month, 6-month or 12-month subscriptions. Each month you get a bag of coffee, a new one every month. The coffees are exclusive to Kopi, which means they cannot be sold in-store. The coffee comes with a little booklet explaining the origin of the beans, how you can best taste it and aslo, why they chose it. Kopi really wants to educate people and "make the emerging world of gourmet coffee much more accessible". They are also dedicated in paying the farmers a fair price for their goods.

The packaging with a descriptive leaflet of the coffee

What I like about their website and approach is that everything is well explained. If you check at their subscription options, you can see a chart with all the details of how your card is going to be charged, when the coffee is next going to be delivered, if you can cancel, etc. (Anyone with any subscription knows you usually have to decipher fine prints before signing up, but this chart explains everything well.)

Price varies between £7-£9/month, depending of the length of the subscription.

*Disclaimer: Product offer for review consideration through Fuel my Blog.

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  1. Des souliers, des t-shirts, même de la lingerie et maintenant, du café? Ça a l'air de fonctionner tous ces programmes en tout cas! MIAMMMM Café! Comme toi je préfère vraiment le café au thé (:

  2. Oui, Fuel my Blog c'est vraiment un bon programme! Et j'aurais pas dit non a du cafe! :)


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