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I saw this idea from Adrienne a few weeks ago and meant to do it, but never got around to officially do. The concept is simple. On Sunday, you choose the products (in your own stash) that you will wear for the week. This is a way to get out of your comfort zone, and to use products that you don't necessarily think about on a daily basis.

I did chose a few products for a week a few times, but it was all unofficial. But this week, since I know I am going to be busy and outside the office (hello, Wolrd Travel Market!), I think it's a good way to plan ahead what I am going to be sporting! Here is what I have chosen!

17 Photo Flawless Foundation in Soft Ivory

It's been a while since I have used this one (I was trialling the Max Factor one, that I love, but I want a change now) and I might be on a few pictures this week. So this one should be perfect, as it is "Photo Flawless". I haven't really tried this claim really yet, but as long as I don't have a ghost face I will be happy!

VIVO Ultimate Base Concealer Kit*

I will probably have a few early mornings this week, so hopefully this will conceal dark circles I might have (fingers crossed that I won't have any).

Anna Sui Face Colour in 400

I had this blush since uni, but it is still a staple in my makeup bag, when I want more colours. This gives me a "doll" look, which is nice at this time of year, it'll give me a glow, like i have been playing outside.

Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Tingle

I haven't used this yet, so I cannot say anything about it for now. But I will use it in my inner eyes.

myface.cosmetics Blingtone in Sugar Plum*

Another product I havent (technically) tried. The makeup artist at the Beauty Playground Event put another colour on my eyes and it was really nice. She also told me that those shadows don'T need primer. Winner!

Avon Astonishing Lenghts Mascara

This is a nice mascara, it really gives length. I would rather have volume though. But this is alright on an everyday basis.

Ciaté Lipgloss in St. Barts

This is a nice nude gloss, that goes with everything. As I might have the accent on my eyes, I will play safe with my lips.

myface.cosmetics Lil' Bling in Sugar Plum*

The matching polish to the eyeshadow. I never do matchy-matchy, for the sole reason as I don't necessarily own matching products, But since the shadow will be blended with another one, it will just be subtly matchy-matchy.

There you have it! Have you shopped your stash this Sunday?

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