Black Black Heart (Skin Art Glitter Tattoos Kit Review)


Back in October, when I went to the Beauty Playground Event, I got the chance to have had a glitter tattoo done on my wrist. I promised you I would come back to you with this and here it is!

Practical box, with the instructions on the back

The Skin Art Glitter Tattoos* was the product I was most impressed by at this event, to my own surprise! I am not a fan of tattoos, so I pass by the table quickly, but then one of the girls asked me if I wanted to have one and I said "Why not?". And that's it, I was hooked!

I think what I don't like with regular tattoos is that they can look just dirty, but the glitter makes it really fun and sparkly. It is good on a night out, or... for the Holiday season!

The kit is complete for lots of applications!

The Skin Art Glitter Tattoos Kit Comes with 5 sheets of stencils, 3 pots of glitters (gold, silver, black), glue and applicator and finishing brushes. I really like the fact it comes with different designs and the three glitter colours.

5 different design styles

The stars and heart stencils are my favourite. Last time, I went for a star, but this time, I tried two hearts (it's also easy to layer a few together for a different design).

You start by sticking the stencil where you would like your tatoo. You then dab the glue all over the stencil. I waited for it to dry a little bit, so it's tacky (like eyelash glue).

Then you apply the chosen glitters with the applicator brush. Make sure you cover every area, pressing down the glitter and then dust away the excess with the finishing brush.

There you have it! Your own glitter tattoo! The box says it should last for 5 days, but in my experience they last about 3. But in the case of the black heart, it's easy to do some touch-ups.

Skin Art Glitter Tattos Kit retails for £14 at Boots (they are part of the 3 for 2 offer at the moment) and Amazon.

How do you like to glam up for the holidays?

Disclaimer: PR Sample

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