Christmas Moon


This time, I decided to do a christmassy moon nails. I didn't have any of the guides, and I knew you could do them with the stickers you put around the holes of paper sheets to protect them (don't know the name for that). But I didn't have any on hand, so I used those round stickers that I cut in half (that's what you do with the other stickers as well).

I think gold and magenta go really well together. I used OPI Glamour Game (from the Holiday in Toyland collection), a champagne, pearly gold. A golden moon, a little more original than silver! The other polish I used Nails Inc Buckingham Street, a glittery magenta with golden specks.

It's really simple to make. I painted two coats of Glamour Game, as it is pretty sheer. I then stuck the half-stickers on the bed of my nails, and painted the tip with Buckingham Street.

And there you have it, moon nails! Don't forget to link to you Chrismas nails!

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