Lush Christmas Candy Box


This one has to be one of the most girly gift box from Lush! Look at all the pink goodness!

Let them feel like a kid in the sweet shop by giving them our selection box of sugary pink treats.

If you are looking for a no-fuss gift, this is the perfect solution, as it already comes packaged in a reusable box. It is also the gift to offer those girls (women) who like candy and sweet smelling beauty products.

In the box you can find:

  • Candy Cane Mountain Bubble Bar
"Candy Sweet vanilla Bubble Bar for huge clouds of comforting foam"

  • So White Bath Bomb

"A carpet of apple-scented snow from our baby ballistic with added froth"

  • 100g Snow Fairy shower gel

"Shower gel from body and hair. Candy floss pink and sweet as sugar with iridescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitness."

  • Snow Fairy lip tint

"Lip balm and colour that's as sweet and pink as candy floss."

  • 100g Candy Cane Soap

"Lather up with this peppermint and almondy cherry fragrance-just don't eat it!"

  • 60 g Rock Star Soap (in a star shape).

"Pink, sweet and full of confidence: soap with attitude."

The box is £19.95 online or in Lush stores.

Have you all picked up your Christmas gifts yet?

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  1. I definitely have to pick up one of Lush's Christmas gifts for myself, they are amazing xx

  2. Hmmmm le bubble bar Candy Cane! Tu me donnes le goût de prendre un bon bain chaud! Et le savon doit sentir trooooop beau aussi!

  3. @Misseblog: Yes, you should! They also have sales after Christmas sometimes too!

    @Gaby: Oui, le savon sent super bon et il est beau :)

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