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A few weeks ago, I received a package full or hair care products! Yay! That's because I was chosen (again) to take part in a Savvy Circle trial. If you are not registered with them yet, you should because they have those nice trials opportunities!

Pantene has launched 3 new ranges catering to specific hair needs:

  • from the fine hair range: Aqua Light. With micro-fortifiers to help reinforce fine hair, leaving virtually no weight.
  • from the normal to thick hair range: Repair & Protect. With micro-nourishers to help lock in moisture deep down, leaving your hair healthy looking and full of shine.
  • from the coloured hair range: Protect & Smooth. With double-effect complex to protect your hair while leaving it beautifully smooth.
I have received the normal to thick hair one, Repair & Protect. Now, after seeing their How to find your Hair Type post, I discovered my hair actually qualify as fine. Let me explain: each individual hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, so my mane is thick, Now, I'm glad I received the range for normal to thick hair, as i am now looking to give myself volume that much!

The Repair & Protect range consists of shampoo, conditionner and serum. In the following weeks, I will let you know my thoughts on them!

Also, another good part is that they gave me samples to share with whoever I want! That means you! I have different samples with Repair and Protect, Aqua Light and Protect & Smooth. I also have money off vouchers to give away!

Let me know if you would like to have a sample and a voucher at All I ask is that after trying it, you come back here to comment on what you think about it!

What do you think about Pantene products?

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