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Have you watched Dancing on Ice yesterday evening? I have to say: wow for the Jorgie/Matthew duel! It was so full of energy!

I was challenged to do a hair tutorial from Dancing on Ice using Schwarzkopf Osis + products*. I like bloggers challenges and I love German products, so I couldn't pass this on!

While I really liked Jorgie's performance, I decided to do a version of Chemmy Alcott's curly ponytail. I think this hairstyle let the healthyness of the hair shine and also is really easy to wear on a daily basis (I'm wearing it at the moment).

I used: Osis + Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder, Osis + Elastic Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray, Osis + Twin Curl 2-Phase Curl Cream, Osis + Body Me Volume Fullifying Volume Serum, hairbands, bobby pins, and a backcombing comb.

I started with freshly washed hair. I comb it through and smoothed it.

I then put some Fullifying Volume Serum and blow-dry my hair upside down, for more volume. While blow-drying the hair, I scrunched it a little bit, to give it some movement.

I didn't dry all my hair, as I wanted to make them curl during the night. I used Bubzbeauty's Non Heat Deep Wave Tutorial to make my curls. Before making the mini-bums, I put the Twin Curl 2-Phase Curl Cream on my lengths. I let it dry overnight with the mini-buns all over my head.

This morning, I proceeded to take off all the hairbands, My head was half curly, half wavy. I guess I slept more on one side than the other :(

To finish the look, I backcomb a section on top of my head, and pinned it with bobby pins. Then I secure this section and the rest of my hair in a high ponytail. I finished the style with some Shine Duster Velvet Shine Powder and a spritz of Elastic Finish Flexible Hold Hairspray.

This is the final result! I never do anything much with my hair, so it's good to change it! Thanks to Schwarzkopf for the challenge, and the products live up to my expectations of German high standards :)

How do you like the styles of Dancing on Ice? Do you like to re-create celebrity's looks? Link below if you do!

*Pr Samples

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  1. Thanks Maryam! You always have nice tutorials yourself too :)

  2. great tutorial. I love osis products.



    1. Thank you Sandra! I also like Schwarzkopf products in general!

  3. I gace a crush on Matt Evers ha ha

    You have lovely hair and I lober Osis products they are really good xx


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