December Empties


I am a tad late for the December edition, but I did so well that i want to share with everyone!

Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub

I was so excited when I received this as I thought is smells so good! Unfortunately, I didn't thinkn the scrub was that effective. It might be good for sensitive skin though, as it's not abrasive. It would be better if the strwaberry pips were crushed, it would be more scrubbing

Repurchase: No, I like my scrubs scrubbing!

Neutrogena Deep Clean 2-in-1 wash/mask

I liked the wash part of this product, and I also like the fact it has salicyllic acid (good for oily skin). But I didn't like the mask part of it. I like when a mask hardens, but this one stayed goopy.

Repurchase: No, would buy a wash and a mask separately.

Johnson's Face Care Gentle Eye Make-up Remover

This is not gentle at all! Beware! I don't have sensitive skin or eyes, but this stung my eyes, and futhermore, didn't effectively remove my makeup,

Repurchase: No way!

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

This is a sample I liked. I am usually carefull when trying ultra moisturizing products (because of my combination skin) but this one was fine. And it was really creamy, I would recommend for dry skin as well. A packet lasted the whole 10 days I was in Germany, so a little goes a long way.

Repurchase: Yes, I would, but now I have so much face cream for a while.

Kamill Hand & Nail Cream

Ah, I love German products! This one is no exception, it was quickly absorbed and the light smell was soothing. Another nice product for less than 1 euro!

Repurchase: Yes.

Nivea 1-2-3 Long Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

These hairproducts were good, and smelled nice, but because I only had one use of it, cannot say anything for the long run.

Repurchase: No, I like my Pantene one for now.

Dove Beauty Finish Anti-perspirant deodorant

I like the Original Dove deodorant, but this one I didn't like. The smell is pleasant, but the product itself didn't offer me any freshness in my times of need.

Repurchase: No, Ialready have a back-up, but will revert to the Original afterwards.

Made Inn Bath Gel

I got this last summer in my Portuguese vacations. I usually keep those minis, they come in handy when you travel and are not staying at an hotel! I don'T have much to say about this particular one, it does the job.

Repurchase: No, as it is from an hotel and not sold.

Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Bodywash

When I first got this sample, I thought the fact it was black pepper was weird. It's actually a men's fragrance. Nothing unpleasant but not girly enough to my liking. It is indeed energising though.

Repurchase: No, I like girly stuff.

Nair Ultra Hair Removal Cream

Even though I have an epilator, I still use depilatory cream on my legs as I cannot stand the fact it's too long otherwise. I go through these about every month. I buy them at the pound store, as Boots sell them 6 times more! It's the same product, same brand in the end! The variety depends everytime I go to the pound store, but to be honest, I am not fussed as for me, they are all the same. This is a good one, but as with all these creams, stinks something awfull.

Repurchase: Yes.

There you have it! I hope I will have as much empties in January! What about you? Finished a lot of products lately? Are you on a P10P?

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