German Haul: Facial Skincare


Today I'm back with part two of my German Haul. This post is dedicated to skincare, but if you like, you can also checkout the makeup haul I posted yesterday.

Again, most of the products are from Rossmann. Did I tell you I love Rossmann? I LOVE Rossmann! The only thigs not coming from the beloved drugstore is the Nivea cream, again from NIVEA HAUS, and the Elizabeth Arden Kit that I got from the Duty Free (£22!). Usually I think Duty Free isn't really worth it (hell, the Nivea cream was cheaper at Rossmann!), but I have been eyeing the 8 Hour kits and product for a while. This was worth it.

So I got:

Essence My Skin Mattifying Cream
(Lychee & Blue Grape)

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Essentials:
Nivea Visage Q10 Anti-Falten (Anti-Wrinkle) Plus Tinted Cream LF15

Isana Fruit & Gloss Raspberry & Cassis Lipbalm (Limited Edition)

This one is similar to the Essence one, but was cheaper.

Synergen and Isana are Rossmann's own brands.

Let me know if you want reviews on any of these or from the makeup ones!

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  1. Skincare is so important, especially at this time of year. It feels like my whole body is drying out!
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