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Have you ever been to a Matalan Clearance Store? I decided to pop in yesterday and it was madness! I think I have never set foot in a Matalan store before. But this time, I told myself why not?

As I was expecting, the place was not tidy, you had rails of mismatched things in no particular order, and no size order either. There were rails and rails of stuff, mostly not interresting, but like the other places were you have to rummage around, you might find something that will make your day!

And it did! Most of the garments were under the £4 mark. On top of that, a selection of items were "buy one, get one free". I thought that almost all the store were "BOGOF", as there were signs on every rail, and there were no details about the specifics, except the obvious "the free item is the cheapeast one". I ended up having four of those in my selection. I discarded one of them in the end, as I wasn't sure it would suit me.

The reason why is that the place has no fitting rooms. Or at least, I haven't seen any. And further more, there is no mirrors. I think their plan is: "We're making it so cheap, take it home to try it and then return if it's not fitting". And I think most people don't bother returning the items that don't fit. That would explain why there are so many of their clothes in car boot sale!

I'm sure you want to see what I bought, and not just rambling about the place. But it was quite an experience! I'm not kidding, the queue to pay was longer than Primark's!

I bought 5 items:

I like how simple this long sleeve tee is. The only details are the sequined pocket and the fact it is longer at the back. This was £2.50, and is actually the item I got for free!

I told you yesterday that I love owls these days! As soon as I saw this vest, I grabbed it! I only saw this one, and it was in my size! It had my name all over it! It was part of the BOGOF promo, and it was £3.

I have been wanting an animal jumper for a while, but because I am quite curvy, it can look trashy quite easily. This one is a few sizes bigger than me, which is good, as it doesn't stretch the bunny on it, which would make it look trashy! I like how it is a lightweight jumper, I will be able to wear it mostly all year long. This was the most expensive item at £4.

Another animal jumper! This one is more subtle, as the animal is knitted in holes in the fabric (I don't know how to explain it better than that, I hope you understand). So if I put a similar colour t-shirt underneaht, the print is not visible, but if I put a contrasting colour item under, then you can see the doggy! This sweater was £3.

Ah little socks! Those are always usefull. But I find it harder and harder to find some that please me, as I am really fussy about the cotton content in it. Those were 50p, which makes it the cheapest item in the transaction, but I cheated and pay them in another one (I realized at the till that there were signs saying 1 transaction per customer). I paid cash for this one, and was really quick anyway. But the cashier was nice for letting me do this!

All of the items are 100% cotton, except the socks, which have 83% cotton. I am really fussy about the fabric in my clothes, and try to stick to natural fibres, as otherwise my body doesn't breathe properly... I was quite pleased of that, as usually cheap= polyester or another plasticky fabric.

Ok that's it!

Have you been to a Matalan Clearance Store? What outlets are your favourites? I would like to find more of those!

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  1. J'aime beaucoup la camisole avec le hibou!

    1. Merci Judy-Ann! c'Est fort aussi au Québec, les hiboux?

  2. You got some bargains there :) I don't live very close to a Matalan, but I have been there a fair few times, and recently found out about some really nice satchel bags they are bringing in for ss12 :)

    Karys x

    1. Hi Karys! Yes, now I see some things are quite nice! int the Clearance store you really have to rummage, it's like a treasure hunt! I wanted to go to the regular Matalan today, but hte chilly cold made me stay home!


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