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I don't know for you, but my week has been a crappy one. So I am using all the comfort I need! These are a few of the things that got me through this week!


I have been burning my candles a lot this week. Also, even though I have a lot of them, I keep on buying some more! Somebody has to stop me! This week I bought this Yankee Strawberry Buttercream on and also a For Every Body in Cherry Blossom.


Aren't they cute? Aren't they everywhere? That's alright because I love them! I just bought an owl t-shirt as weel this afternoon.

BB Creams

I have been obsessing with BB Cream for a while, but other than the Garnier one, they were not available in the UK. No7 just launched theirs this month, and I also received the Missha one I have ordered online. I have also just bought a Skinfood one, can't you see a shopping theme here?

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I am glad I got this one this season (I always tell myself not to buy it) as this shower gel not only smells yummy, but it also leaves my skin soft.

Special K Bars

Those are a good snack, I brought a box at the office for when I am hungry. I prefer the Chocolate & Raspberry one, but the Chocolate & Mint is not bad either.

What are you loving this week?

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  1. I love candles too and Owls!

    I used to eat those Special K bars a lot they are eally nice, I have not had one in ages though.

    BTW thanks a lot for your comment on my blog thats so nice that your boyfriend thought I looked 25..thats an amazing compliment thank you so much xx

  2. Je suis encore en train de me demander si Snow Fairy en vaut vraiment la peine? J'aime bien la senteur mais à part ça, il ne m'hydrate pas, la senteur ne reste pas sur ma peau, il ne mousse pas assez, la texture fait cheap, beuuuh ):

    1. A c'est plate ca! Moi jai pas tellement la peau seche, mais je trouve quil laisse ma peau douce. En general je demande pas grand chose dun gel douche, de sentir bon, de mousser et faire la job! Alors je suis contente qu'il m'hydrate. Mais en meme temps j'me demande si la formulation est différente au Royaume-Uni qu'en Amerique du Nord, car j'ai vu plusieurs blogs qui dienst aussi qu'il ne mousse pas assez,alors que j'ai toujours trop de mousse sur ma houppette!? Le point negatif que je lui trouve, c'est la bouteille, j'la trouve difficile a squeezer!

  3. J'pense que la formule est p-e pas pareil en Europe qu'en Amerique du Nord, car j'ai vu plusieurs commentaires sur la mousse, et moi je trouve que ca mousse beacoup plus que les autres gels que j'ai! Le seul point negatif que je lui trouve cest que la bouteille est difficile a squeezer!


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