Me sporting ZOMG!

I was very lucky to have been invited to the #zomgbloggerbash organized by Zoe and Rockalily to celebrate hte launch of their collaborative lipstick, ZOMG! I heard a lot about the brand before, but have never tried it, so I was definitively curious to discover the products!

I arrived there knowing nobody, which is quite daunting. But the girls had organised a "blogger bingo", where each person had a card and had to find people corresponding to the description in each box. 2 full lines gave you the opportunity to be in a prize draw!

After some time, I have met a few bloggers and was at ease. The conversations started to be more personnal and not just "bingo-based"! I was really lucky to meet Natalia, who, you guessed it by her blog name, is writing a novel! She also works for a daily paper, but I don't remember which one, so don't want to risk saying stupid things! I spent most of the night talking to Rosie and Lisa, and I also spotted a few famous bloggers such as Vivianna, Gem, Lily and probably others that I don't know about but who are famous! But the highlight for me was to have a chance to say hi to Gemma from Gemsmaquillage! She's my favourite blogger/Youtuber!

There were a few stations to visit during the evening, such as a vanity with the Rockalily lippies that we could try, one to try on some wigs and take pictures, and a cupcake decorating station! How cool is that? Every blogger loves cupcakes, but it's nice to put the amount of icing and candies we want on it. And yes, we were allowed to go overboard with the icing!

Of course I got the chance to talk to Zoe, who was, understandably, excited and nervous!

At the end of the evening, ReeRee did the prize draw and I won this cute hair pin from You're Naked Without One!

On our way home, we were treated to 2 burlesque performances. The dancers were amazing, and so much body-confident! I wish I would be able to expose myself like them! It was really empowering! Unfortunately, my pictures weren't great as I was at the back of the room.

I have enjoyed my evening so much, I wish I will be attending similar events in the future!

Have you attended the #zomgbloggerbash? Have you been to any lovely event lately?

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  1. It was such a good night! It was lovely meeting you as well :) xx

  2. Great blog, looks like you had a good night at the blogger bash. I hope you had a chance to try some of our wigs on :) Sam xxx

    1. Hi Sam! Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to try them. It's a shame, as I saw some blogger's pictures and it seems I missed all the fun!


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