Comparative Review: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil vs Bio-Oil


When I first received the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil*, I thought the claims of the products were very similar to those of Bio-Oil:

"Formulated to help improve the appearance of:

  • Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Dry, damaged skin
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Aging skin"
So I decide to compare both of them. I have been testing the oils for a few weeks now, and I can say they are pretty much similar. Both leaves the skin equally soft. The Bio-Oil sinks in more quickly than the Palmer's one though. As for their scents, Bio-Oil reminds me of ginger snaps cookies and Palmer's has the brand's distinctive cocoa/chocolaty smell. I prefer the latter, just because I love chocolate, and spicy scents are not my favourite.

I don't have a lot of stretch marks and comparing the products effect on scars would be tricky as no scars are really similar. Also, I don't have lots of skin problems (I'm still fairly young) but my leg's skin was dry lately, due to the cold we had last month. Both products helped me regain the moisture I needed. A good scrub+ body oil= leg perfection!
A plus that the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil has vs the Bio-Oil is that it's cheaper. 150ml of Palmer's Skin Tehrapy Oil is £9.49 and 125ml of Bio-Oil is £14.99 (at Boots).

Have you tried any of these oils? Or any other ones?

*PR Sample (Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil)

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  1. Il me semble que j'ai déjà utilisé la Bio-Oil et pourtant, moi qui a constamment la peau extrêmement sèche, je ne peux absolument pas supporte les huiles et leur résidu graisseux qu'ils laissent partout sur mon linge et mes meubles, ouach! Là où j'ai des patches d'eczema, l'huile est absorbée presque instantanément mais pour le reste de mon corps, ça reste huileux et yark ):

    1. Ah non! L'eczema cest tout un paquet de troubles :( Pour ma part, jai pas trop de problemes avec ma peau, juste un peu seche lors de grands froids. Moi aussi, j'aimais pas le coté graisseux des huiles avant, mais comme j'utilise avant de me coucher, je sens pas tellement, comme je dors :)


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