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Yesterday I have been to my face mask workshop in Lush.

The mask we did (and got to take home) was Catastrophe Cosmetic, as it suits most skin type and is packed with antioxydants (like green tea, hence the link to Clippers).

Dubbed your best mate in a pot, Catastrophe contains blueberries (yum), Irish moss gel, almond oil, rose absolute and chamomile oil. It is a deep cleansing mask that can be used on a regular basis.

Making the mask was pretty simple, and all 4 of us taking part in the workshop got to do it. It was kind of therapeutic to knead the paste.

While the misture was setting, we all got to have a facial massage using Lush products, and of course, the mask! Every one of us was so relaxed afterwards that when our Lush hosts were asking us questions, we were totally zoned out!

The products used for our facials

We also got to chose a few samples of the products we wanted to try home. Since I saw one fof Amarixe's monthly favourite videos, I wanted to try the Lovely Jubblies cream. I was also tempted to try the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and I Love Juicy shampoo.

Final result!

It was all good fun and I recommend it to anyone who likes Lush products! You can find more details on my Lush Face Mask Workshop with Clippers post.

Let me know if you go, or intend to go!

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