Quebec Haul part 3: Ardene and Urban Planet


Today's haul installment is a younger, almost teenager one! Heck, I haven't set foot in Ardene since I was 17! And wasn't that keen on urban Planet when I was in Quebec...

But the 2 for 15$ t-shirts stand in Ardene lured me in! I got to have that striped t-shirt (it's an obsession, I tell you, if there's stripes on it, I want it)! And my friend Mel had a card that gives 10% in Urban Planet, so we went and checked out what they got in store.

First thing, yes, the striped t-shirt! I like those, and I think they make me look slimmer. They always say that horizontal stripes make someone look bigger, but I disagree!

Well, the offer was 2 t-shirts for 15$, so I also got this coral one! Yes, coral is this Spring's colour!

Then this neon purple polish! All the bottles seemed to have a different hue, so I grabbed the brightest and most in your face that I could find! It's called Acco Party Girl (3.50$)

In Urban Planet, I got this sequined white cami. I think it will be easy to dress it up or down, depending on my need.

And this royal blue t-shirt. I always thought royal blue didn't suit me, but I tried this anyway and it was good!

They also got an offer on nail polish at 2 for 5$. I got this silvery brown one called Topaz and my friend Mel got a pale turquoise one.

I also went to La Senza to buy some new sexy kits! Mel got the discount card there as well. But I'm not going to show you what's inside the bag! I'm a tease haha!

What have you bought lately? If you have any haul posts, link them below!

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  1. oooh what is sexy kits??? ha ha

    I love the nail polish and that sequinned cami is stunning xx

    1. ha ha! I thought it was something more intriguing xx

  2. oooh, loving the coral tee and awesome purple polish! and thanks to the whole colour blocking trend they'd probably look gorgeous together :)

    My local La Senza store closed down a few weeks ago. Im gonna miss it!

    Joy xx

    1. What a shame about your La Senza :(

      I love colour blocking as well! And the colours this summer are so nice!

  3. Ça me fait penser qu'il faut que j'aille chez Ardène pour des maillots! OK, un maillot ahah, comme si j'en avais pas pas 29478658327653 déjà =P

    J'aurais aimé voir ce que t'as acheté chez la Senza! Je ne peux jamais résister leur deals!

    1. Oui, ils ont des beaux maillots chez Ardene! J'avais pas amené un des miens ici, j'en ai acheté un chez Rossy, rayé blanc et noir! Mais si j'en avais pas autant moi aussi, j'men serais acheté en fin de semaine chez Ardene!

      Ben j'mettrai p-e les photos de c'que j'ai pris a La Senza sur Twitter tien! Ya des Senzas a Londres, mais cest mieux ici! :)


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