My Beauty Quebec Challenge: Beauty Good Resolutions


This week, My Beauty Quebec was asking us about our beauty resolutions. Yep, resolutions in August!

One of the best beauty resolutions I have taken was to wash my hair twice a week. I started when I was a greasy haired teenager. A difficult time, but I'm glad I did it back then! I don't need to wash them everyday, they're healthier, and I save time and shampoo!

A good habit that I have but I always try to do more is drinking water. Water is important for general health, but also for good skin! It's always nice to hear I look 10 years younger than I actually am!

A resolution I took in 2011 was to drink green tea. I didn't really go through with it. But, I did in 2012! I'm glad to say that I got acustomed to the taste, and I saw the benefits. It helps me flush the bad stuff! It also helped me keeping the weight away.

A resolution I would like to take now is to have a good nighttime routine. I get lazy a few days a week and not take off my makeup, let alone wash and moisturise before going to bed! I know, it's a bad thing! And I'd like to be more regular with it!

And now, what are the resolutions you followed/would like to take? Anything particularly hard for you?

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  1. Je suis tellement contente de ne plus me laver les cheveux chaque jour non plus, quelle erreur stupide c'était! Maintenant, je peux passer deux ou trois jours sans les laver, presque sans aide de shampooing sec, et j'espère pouvoir continuer à rallonger ça, surtout que vu que j'ai les cheveux bourgognes maintenant, je veux faire rallonger la durée de vie de ma couleur.

    1. C'est vrai! Les cheveux rouges changent de couleur plus vite :( C'est dommage!


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