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My mum and I are back on the thrifting scene! One of our local thrift store was closed for the summer holidays and re-opened not too long ago. My mum and I really liked this place as we usually find good stuff and pretty much everything is $1. I usually buy a good 4-5 items each time I go and my mum 1-2, as, like she's always saying "Nothing suits me!".

I'm still on the hunt to replace my everyday bag, but I think this one is good for the weekend, to stroll and the market (well, if you live in the city that is). It's navy blue and has a lock. I was expecting that the key would be missing, but no, it was in there!

I wanted to give a spinning styling brush a try since watching Gemma's Salon Blow Dry Video a while back. But since I'm such a dummy when it comes to hairstyling, i never really bothered to buy one full price. When I saw this one in the store, I told myself: "For $1, now is the time to try it!" I did have to sanitize it and remove the previous owner's hair (yuck), but it's working just fine. Now I'll have to re-watch Gemma's video to  use it properly :)

I try to stay motivated to practise sports and a way that helps me is to have nice sports clothes, I'm over wearing the baggy things! Those are Danskin ones, and they're similar to the Active Essential Relaxed Pant on sale on their websitefor $36.

Oh, I love me a nice blazer! I hesitated to get this one because the sleeves are long and kinda big. But I folded them and they didn't look as big, and I really liked the metal buttons.

I always seem to have just one option in the casual jeans department. My mum tried these ones, but were too small for her. So I grabbed them! Thay also remind me of Breast Cancer Awareness month, with its light pink details.

While writing this post, I remembered that I also got a pair of pearl-coloured shoes. I forgot to take a picture, sorry!

Have you found any thrifty gems lately?

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  1. Le sac est vraiment très joli!

  2. Bonjour!

    Merci de venir faire un tour sur mon blog!
    Je suis toujours contente d'avoir des commentaires des gens du Québec
    Oui j'ai 52 ans et pas de photoshop! beaucoup de crème hydratante depuis l'âge de 13 ans et une excellente génétique - je suis chanceuse -

    Ma fille à un blog - - est ce que tu connais?

    Elle a presque 32 ans - aussi bonne génétique!

    Je te suivrai



    1. Hello!
      Merci pour ton commentaire et ta visite :)
      Non, je ne connais pas encore le blog de ta fille, mais jvais aller voir!

  3. J'aime aussi les boutons en métal sur le blazer, c'est une touche unique! Et bon truc de rouler les manches, je trouve que ça fait très "laid back" quand on veut pas avoir l'air trop habillé!

    1. Oui, je roule tjrs les manches de toutes facons, mais ce tissus est pas doublé, alors ca fait pas le meme effet...


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