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About a week ago, I was searching online for some kinky stuff. I then remembered that one of my favourite blogger, Gaby, talked about an online store where she ordered some nice undergarments.

I then tweeted her to know the name, and her experience with the store. It turns out it is EdenFantasys. After browsing the site I was surprised to see that they have a beauty section! And their selection is not just about the erotic stuff like edible powder, but they do have "genuine" beauty brands such as Cake. Of course you have the more sexy products, such as Shunga's Edible products to Olivia Arousing Nipple Gel (I'm kinda curious now!). EdenFantasys also stocks Massage Candles. If you are a candle junkie like me, this should entice you!

Products I'm really intrigued by (and have been for a while, without ever having the guts to try them) are the pheromones perfumes. I do believe that pheromones play a huge part in seduction, and it is all important on a biological level. I'm curious to see how a perfume can trick us into being attracted to someone we wouldn't naturally be! (Would the human race still strive? But that's another story!)

At the moment, they are having a huge Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale where things are up to 70% off. They also ship internationally.

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  1. Mes premiers produits Cake (le shampooing sec et leur parfum) viennent de chez EdenFantasys, et ma wishlist ne finit plus ahah! Merci pour la petite mention (:

    1. Oui, ils sentent bon! De rien, merci encore pour le lien :)

  2. Je suis peut-être la seule, mais je n'aime pas beaucoup les produits Cake! J'en avais reçu dans mes boîtes d'échantillons beauté: une crème pour les mains, qui a une odeur beaaaaaucoup trop sucrée à mon goût, et un shampooing sec, que je n'ai jamais pu essayer car l'emballage est tout simplement inouvrable!

    1. Ah c'est ben plate pour ton shampoing sec! Moi j'aime ca les odeurs sucrées par contre!


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