Cleo B Entry


Cleo B is having a competition at the moment where you can win a pair of their Cleo B shoes.Since I like their Beatbox boots but cannot afford them for now, this is my chance to win them.

Cleo B Entry

Cross shirt
$24 -

Cheap Monday grey jeans
$64 -

Forever New crystal drop earrings
$21 -

This is the outfit Icreated, along with the Beatbox shoes from Cleo B! (This is my first Polyvore creation, and I wasn't quite sure how to add something else from the Net. So I put the shoes on their own, anyway, they're better showcased this way!

I'm really into black and gold as well as silver at the moment. I think you can match silver and gold, which I did in my outfit, but it is somehow tricky. I think that the camel jacket is helping here. Anyone has tips to do mix those colours toghether?

If you want to enter the Cleo B competition to win a pair of shoes, all you have to do is create an outfit and include one pair of Cleo B shoes. Then let them know you posted your outfit by tweeting them @theCLEO_Bcrew or on their Facebook page. The competition is on between November 1-31st.

Good luck!

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