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I used to have acne when I was a teenager. That's to be expected, it goes with the territory as they say!

But I wasn't expecting it to come back full force at the end of my twenties, 2 years ago. And the annoying cystic kind, the ones that are stuck inside the epiderma, that hurst and that can take forever to come out! Now I know it was due to PCOS, but back then, I had no clue why my skin was acting this way.

I then received a holy grail product to review for Talk Perfection. The Malki Dead Sea Mud Mask* soap. It looks weird, a black bar of soap. It smell even weirder, foul even. After all, it is mud! But gee! This soap really brought out all the spots that was under the skin. It is a purge though. You have to be prepare that all the bad stuff that is under will come out and in the meantime it is not going to be good. But eventually, you will be left with a smooth skin. I have been using this product for the last 2 years, and after the purge period, it really helped to keep the acne at bay. Available at Boots for £3.49.

I have forgot the soap in England last Spring and I was able to see a difference when I was not using it. I'm still in a purge period, and below are the other products I use to make my skin smooth and clear.

When I cleanse my face, the first product I use is either Skinetica, which is a clear liquid or some tea-tree oil. I use this to dry the spots.  I use both of them topically.

The tea-tree oil can sometimes sting, but it goes away as soon as it dries. You can buy tea-tree oil in natural food shop or drugstores.

I then use Hit the Spot moisturiser. It also contains tea-tree oil, which is my go-to ingredients if I have zits. I,m not sure if you can still find it, as I got mine in a surprise bag in Portobello Road market. But Morrisons stocks the brand.

After moisturising my face, I will put some Chinese Miracle Complexion Fade Cream. This helps fade away scar marks, a little bit like Bio Oil. But I prefer a cream consistency and this one is dirt cheap at £1.99! For the sake of getting cleared of my spot marks, I use it topically, but if I want a little pick-me-up, I will sometimes use it all over my face. I fell it brightens the skin. It also has a light old-fashioned scent that I love. Available at Pak's online or in store.

If you have any holy grail products/tips for spots, let me know in the comments below!

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