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I did a similar post last year about Holiday Candles and wanted to share with you this year's stash! Who doesn't like candles? They must be crazy hahaha!

I got the Glade pack at Wal-Mart for $9.99 and it came with a cookie cutter! It was a great deal (exclusive to Wal-Mart) as one candle retails for about $7 and now you get 4 of them: Apple Cinnamon (red apple and spice), Frosted Cookies (vanilla and sugar), Nutcraker Crunch (walnut and mocha) and Shimmering Spruce (balsam fir &juniper). The one I wanted to try the most was Nutcarcker Crunch, as I loved the walnuts scent in it. It doesn't disapoint and the smell lingers a few hours after burnin. I haven't tried the other ones yet, as I think they are nothing special, except maybe the Shimmering Spruce one, it smells like a sweeter and milder version of a christmas tree.

Primark Home Xmas Spice. Obviously I got this one at Primark, for £2.50. They also got a red one, I don't remember the scent for this one thought. Now, don't get mislead by the "spice", it isn't. I think it smells like candies. Not really christmassy to me, but it smells good anyway! And then I can recycle the jar for the next chrsitmasses ;)

I picked Mistletoe at Wal-Mart as well. It was about $4 and it's from a brand called Canopy.Now, I don't really know what mistletoe is supposed to smell, but if I would put christmas in a smell, it would be this one! It smells like our christmas trees smelt when I was young!

I got more of the Old Williamsburgh candles at Dollarama. Last time I got one from this brand, the scent throw was not great and I'm looking forward to see how these will perform. I was looking everywhere for a chocolate mint candle, and the Mint Cookie one is the closest I could get (we don't have BBW here). And I also liked Gingerbread. Yumm!

I love to shop at TK Maxx and I found this Sebinini Traditional Christmas candle on sale for £2 in late January last year. To me, the scent is not what I would describe as a traditional Christmas, but it smells like chocolate truffle so I'm happy with it!

Please let me know what candles you are lighting at the moment to get you in the mood!

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  1. Aw I love Christmas candles. I spent £20 in Clintons a few days ago and they gave me 6 free Christmas scented Yankee candle samples!
    - Wrapped and ready for family stocking fillers now :)

    Kerys xx
    Little Bo Blab

    1. Oh lucky you! I would love some free Yankee samples :)


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