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Oh what a week!  We had a few snowstorms, and one that was major mid-week! The store I work at closed for part of the day on Wednesday and Thursday. The good thing is that een though I was cloistered for most of the day, I was able to get a lot done, and I feel this week was a productive one.

Now that Saturday night rolls around, it's time for me to unwind!  

Avon Footworks Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream: I always keep some sort of foot cream around my bed. Mine are not as bad as cracked, but they do get dry and I also like how the cream deodorizes. I like the fact that it's a squeeze tube and that I don't have to put my hand on my feet ( I just rub them toghether with the cream).

Elemis Pro-Collagen Hand and Nail Cream: Same for hand cream. I'm not a big fan of the collagne smell of this one, but I still like it.

MonuSpa Enriched Body Cream: I keep a natural scented body cream on hand, as I like to put some on my chest before going to sleep. I feel like it soothes me and help me sleep better! I love the lemon scent of this one. Before this one I used Como Shambhala Invigorate Lotion, which was also perfect!

Boots Gorgeous Feet Deeply intensive Moisturiser: I love the pot, the scent and the buttery texture. I'm not keen on the fact I have to put my hands on my feet though. So I keep it mainly for esthetic purpose.

Boots Aromatherapy Lavender Oil: In the past few months, I had suffered from insomnia, so I keep this handy.  If I feel I might have problem sleeping one night, I spray my duvet with 3-4 drops of this, and it's bliss.

Softlips Nourish Lavender: Well, the lavender effect is present in my lipbalm as well!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream: I'm still a newbie on eye cream, but since I had a mesandventure, I understand its importance. So far so good with this one.

NeilMed NasoGel for Dry Noses: This would be a product for our typical dry weather, when your nose just wants to crack!

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque: I moisturise my skin after every wash, but some nights it seemt that it needmore help. This comes along and it soothes the dry patches.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate: Same for this product, but I feel it also leaves the skin looking fresher, clearer.

Of course I don't forget to light a candle! Ikea Yrsno, it smells like candies!

What beauties are you keeping on your bedside table? Sweet dreams!

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! xx I can just imagine you rubbing your feet together now! Haha

    1. And thanks for yours ;) I realise it is quirky now haha!

  2. Attends, tu frottes tes pieds ensemble avec la crème? Je trouvais ça bien drôle comme c'était écrit, y'a fallu je relise comme 4 fois ahahah

    1. Ouin, un peu comme on met dla creme a mains, mais avec les pieds! Ca m'dégoute toucher mes pieds, j'ai tjrs l'impression qu'ils sentent :(

  3. J'aime beaucoup ton idée d'article! Je devrais faire comme toi et mettre de l'huile essentielle sur mes oreillers, ça pourrait peut-être m'aider à mieux dormir :(

    lolll moi aussi je fais ça parfois pour ma crème de pieds, mais c'est surtout pour éviter de me crémer les mains!

    1. Si tu en fais un, j'ai hate de le lire! Oui, essaie, ca relaxe, mais moi je le met sur mes draps pcq c'Est trop fort sur mon oreiller!


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